Comprehensive Cloud Consulting Solutions

Affirma’s cloud consulting services help clients adopt, migrate, and maintain their operations within the cloud to increase growth & efficient growth.

Affirma’s team understands the complexity level of caution required within any cloud migration. Our cloud consulting services establish cloud adoption strategies to ensure an organization’s journey to the cloud is smooth and secure. Our cloud consultants efficiently assess and identify applications and workloads that are ready for cloud migration, translating to quick cloud return on investment and immediate cost savings.

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Cloud Solutions

Affirma provides professional cloud consulting services that meet you where you’re at in your cloud adoption journey.

Cloud Adoption & Strategy

Far too many cloud adoption journeys struggle (and even fail) if not properly organized and planned. Affirma’s Enterprise Cloud Architects help organizations prevent these common pitfalls early on in their cloud adoption process by taking advantage of established Cloud Adoption Frameworks. Affirma’s cloud consultants work with executives, financial teams, SysOps, DevOps, and SecOps to facilitate their roles in cloud adoption and realize quick ROI without wasting time or resources.

Cloud Application Development

Affirma’s custom application development team helps build, integrate, and deploy new applications or optimize current applications for use within the cloud. With proven experience, our cloud consulting services can help you update, test, integrate, and deploy your applications quicker, bringing your business value faster and allowing you to respond to business needs with ease and control.

Cloud Migration

Affirma’s deep experience within cloud migration services allows organizations to quickly take advantage of powerful tools that aid in discovering, assessing, and migrating an organization’s current IT resources into the cloud. Affirma also works with affected stakeholders to develop comprehensive change management and user adoption strategies to ensure core business functions and performance remain stable and accessible without disruption throughout the cloud migration process.

Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services

Affirma manages your day-to-day cloud operations and/or IT team through to cloud maturity. We understand that cloud optimization is often an iterative process where security, governance, monitoring, and cost management are realized months sometimes years down the line. Through Affirma’s cloud infrastructure managed service, organizations can ensure their cloud infrastructure matures over time with little to no effort or overhead required on the end of the business.

Cloud Security & Governance

Affirma follows best practice guidelines along with aggregated threat analytics to shore up the security posture of a given cloud environment. By leveraging solutions like Azure Security Center and AWS Security Hub, Affirma can help guide organizations to meet defined security and governance challenges.

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Cloud Platform Offerings

Affirma is well-versed with proven experience working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other cloud platforms. We are ready to use our expertise to implement a resilient and high-performing cloud solution that is customized for your business needs. 

Familiarity and experience within cloud platforms are a significant asset when driving adoption or expansion within your organization. If your organization is already utilizing Azure or AWS services, continuing to optimize these services may be the best strategy. If you are seeking to implement a new cloud platform, we will discuss and identify the best strategy to fit your specific needs. Our cloud services consultants work with you to discuss both benefits and considerations in choosing a cloud platform right for you. We identify the cloud tools and technologies that are a seamless fit for your project, workflows, and licenses. 

Microsoft Azure Consulting

Azure offers an exceptionally capable cloud infrastructure. If you’re an enterprise customer, Azure speaks your language with Microsoft providing a proven enterprise background and Windows support. Azure allows users to build, deploy, and manage applications with efficiency and ease without the purchase or maintenance of the underlying infrastructure. Azure’s integrated cloud resources meet all security and compliance requirements while being easily customizable to meet your unique needs.   

Affirma’s Azure cloud consulting services help you navigate from the strategy and planning stages through to migration, deployment, security, and ongoing management and monitoring of your integration and usage. User adoption, data analytics, and other Azure concerns are all within our proven cloud consulting expertise.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting

With a vast toolset that continues to grow exponentially, AWS offers a highly-customizable cloud platform infrastructure. AWS enables you to select the operating system, programming language, web application platform, database, and other services you need.  

By working with Affirma to either implement or make the most of AWS Cloud, your business can achieve scalability, efficiency in market and application development, improvements in productivity and security, cost reduction, flexibility, agility, better availability, and operational efficiency. Our cloud consulting services cover the full spectrum of AWS consulting needs, from assessments, strategy, and roadmap—to design, build, and migration. We also aid in user adoption, optimization, data analytics, and security. 

Learn more about how to determine if Azure or AWS is the right cloud platform for your organization. 

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Get a Custom Cloud Infrastructure Consultation

Affirma’s cloud consultants help organizations migrate to the cloud successfully through the use of cloud adoption planning, governance and security strategies, and maintenance and support.

Because transitioning and migrating to the cloud can encompass several moving parts, our consultants offer a wide variety of expertise and can handle any stage of your cloud adoption process. From strategy and planning, to the actual cloud migration or cloud application development, our teams are readily available to assist you.

Get started in the cloud with our custom cloud strategy, implementation, and management services. Get your free consultation today.

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