Outdated Onboarding Processes

QuoteWizard hired Affirma to streamline and automate their employee onboarding and offboarding process. Previously, QuoteWizard’s new employee onboarding process was manual that would require IT Department to obtain approvals and then an IT team member would have to manually create the credentials, assign proper permissions, and notify the management.  The goal was to use Automation to streamline processes to free bandwidth for existing team members.

What We Did

Solutions Architects from the Affirma team determined that an automated solution that leverages Azure Automation, Power Platform, Teams, and SharePoint Online would best fit the needs of the organization. We developed a process that would allow Human Resources to kick off automated onboarding for new employees by filling out a simple and easy-to-use form. The system that Affirma developed obtains necessary approvals, creates a user account, assigns licensing, clones an existing user’s permission, and/or adds users to the groups that are requested through the PowerApps form, and automatically posts updates about the user creation in MS Teams. The application that the Affirma team built also automatically creates exchange mailboxes for the new users.

For Offboarding employees who are leaving QuoteWizard, Affirma created an offboarding automation application that allows the HR Team to kick off offboarding for users who are going to be parting ways with QuoteWizard. This application automatically disables the user account, takes a snapshot of current permissions and logs them, removes end-users from groups, sets them under legal hold for a certain number of days, and then eventually deletes the users.

Both the Onboarding and Offboarding applications track the entire process in SharePoint for compliance auditing purposes.

Technologies Used

SharePoint List (EmployeeOffBoarding) as backend

PowerApps (Canvas App) as the front end

Power Automate(Flows) as backend

Microsoft Azure as backend

Microsoft Teams as front end

Microsoft Office 365 as backend

The Result

The solution that Affirma built is being used by the HR and the IT Department. We anticipate that this solution will help save thousands of hours of manual work over a few years.

The client is focused on process automation to improve efficiency and productivity for the teams across the organization. The solution we built allows the organization to continue to move forward and make great progress in this area.

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