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UX design is the most important consideration for any digital product.  Our UX strategists follow well-tested principles and processes that deliver everything from improving conversion to allowing a user to get more work items completed with less effort.

Affirma’s design capabilities don’t stop at mobile apps, web applications, or multi. As a UX design consulting firm, we create products and services that provide outstanding usability while fully embracing your brand’s personality.

We believe that effective solutions are born from data and insight. We care deeply about the experience of our clients’ end-users as we know that great UX design will engage customers, increase conversion, and help foster an emotional connection with your product and brand. We take the time to learn about your goals, ask the right questions to understand your business and study your competition to become an expert in your marketplace.


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Creating UI and UX Designs That Engage

If your team is having problems with low user engagement and you do not feel the information on your website has been presented well, Affirma’s User Interface (UI) design team can help. We are professionals at building better products, increasing user adoption and retention, strengthening engagement, and making sure users can navigate through site experiences intuitively.

The Affirma difference is our ability to pull in a wide range of specialists for any digital marketing project. From design strategy, user interface design, and website UI, to usability testing and making sure the experience has the right copy for communication; Affirma has a full bench of experts ready to execute across different platforms and experiences.

Our talented UX designers can help you develop custom-designed UX strategies to work for your company and your customers’ journey. We specialize in creating experiences to suit all your business needs and help you meet your goals.

UX Design Services

Affirma provides professional UX consulting services to drive traffic at all stages of the funnel with targeted, data-driven designs and development.

Whether you are looking for a fresh set of eyes to optimize, individual project help, or ongoing expertise—we’ve got your UX and UI needs covered.

Design Strategy

Our team of talented designers work together to find a creative solution or approach to your business challenges and needs. Whether it is a digital transformation, a branded design system, or a holistic design strategy, we want to solve your toughest problems and work together on your biggest opportunities.

User Experience Design

The user experience design team focuses on user needs and takes the time to understand how people feel while using a system. Using this information, they can create delightful experiences for the users that are effective and simple, improving the perception of a business and its services and offerings.

User Interface Design

Is your company ready to grow within the mobile environment? Our team designs your mobile app to draws you users in and keeps them engaged long enough to for them to convert.

Usability Testing

Our UI consultants provide actual data to back up our UX design elements. We will research how users are interacting with your site, and develop our strategies based off that.

Website UI

Our website designs are professional and highlight the best aspects of your company. Our designs are consistent, making your site easier to digest and be more efficient. We also focus heavily on easily navigable menus, ensuring that your users flow through your site and don’t bounce too quickly.


We believe that communication on your site is extremely important when it comes to UX best practices. We make sure your site is designed effectively, but also that the copy on your site is clear to your users and points them in the right direction.

Get a Custom UX Consultation

Affirma provides customized UX solutions, optimization, and development consulting to help clients succeed..

We believe that good experiences starts with evidence driven design, a solid process, a deep sense of curiousity, and strong partnership.  The first step of that journey begins with a simple convesation.

Because digital marketing moves quickly, our unique model allows you to choose a-la-carte from just the services you need, guaranteeing you the marketing expertise when you need it most. Rest assured that we are here for you, on-demand, as your UX design needs arise.

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