Digital Marketing Service Offerings

Simplify and accelerate your campaigns and recurring operations with marketing automation platforms and services


Move up search engine rankings and energize your lead generation with search engine optimization consulting and services


Share your brand’s story with content marketing. Deliver value and develop customer relationships with new and original content.


Boost your lead generation with PPC services that improve your full campaign pipeline from keyword ideation to landing page conversion


Discover strengths and uncover vulnerabilities within any aspect of your marketing operations with our technical and holistic assessments


Discover how to use social media to build lasting customer relationships, expand your brand’s outreach, and generate revenue.


Services Offered

Our digital marketing agency is headquartered in the Seattle area, but we offer a global presence and expertise. The Affirma difference is our ability to pull in a wide range of experts for any digital marketing project. From PPC campaigns and ad copy, to the development of a package of digital content offerings including motion graphics, video scripting, SEO and social media services for any stage of your marketing funnel; Affirma has a full bench of experts ready to take the guesswork out of your marketing needs to deliver measurable business value.

Our skilled digital marketing consultants provide organizations with custom solutions to help their businesses grow while simultaneously engaging customers, generating a positive ROI, and increasing efficiency across marketing departments.

Marketing Automation

Bring the power and speed of automation to your marketing campaigns and operations. Our teams can drive your implementation and set up of any of the major marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Pardot or Marketo.

We’ll help you deliver campaigns with greater customization, segmentation and scale. Each part of our marketing automation consulting is crafted with optimizing and improving your team’s workflows and operations.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Competition on search engines continues to grow each year. Affirma’s SEO consulting brings the power of design, development and content to deliver measurable gains and results in keyword positioning and rankings.

Whether you need a vulnerabilities assessment, implementation of tasks or accurate and responsive reporting, our teams are well-equipped to handle all your SEO needs.

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Content Marketing

Your marketing campaigns and operations live off content. New creative and original content is what sets apart stale campaigns from ones that drive leads, grow revenue, and strengthen customer relationships.

At Affirma, our writers and marketers have the expertise and experience to develop content that captivates and converts your audience into loyal customers and evangelists.

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PPC Consulting

Enhance your PPC advertising campaigns and grow your revenue with Affirma’s PPC consulting. Our team provides insights on every stage of your conversion pipeline, from keyword research to landing page conversion.

At Affirma, our team of PPC experts work tirelessly to ensure that your campaigns are converting at peak efficiency and optimization.

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Marketing Audits and Assessments

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Our marketing assessments and audits are built to deliver visibility in every aspect of your marketing activities. From SEO to technology stack audits, our team brings actionable insights and recommendations.

Our team of auditors all come from a strong background in various marketing departments, giving you an expert’s view on your challenges and pain points.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a crucial part of your business’s marketing strategy especially when it comes to building lasting customer relationships, expanding your brand awareness, and even generating revenue.

Our professional social media marketing experts and consultants can help you develop a social media strategy, extend your customer outreach, and manage your social media advertising.

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Visual and Creative Services

Delivering Creative Solutions and Delightful Experiences

Affirma is a world-class creative agency and full-service consulting firm. We offer graphic and visual design, creative production, advertising services, branding, and more. Our creative team makes a point to understand your business to create tailored solutions to meet your goals and capture the essence of your brand in a powerful and compelling way that resonates with your customers. We provide breadth and depth of expertise while maintaining the personal touch of a boutique firm.

Whether it’s for your website, mobile app, or offline content, our dedicated team of designers, writers, video producers, and developers bring the best of current designs and trends to incite customer action. The Affirma difference is our ability to pull in a wide range of experts for any marketing project across technology, business and digital services to offer a holistic consulting experience with exceptional results. Client satisfaction is our #1 goal which is why we have hundreds of satisfied clients and a 98% satisfaction rating.

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Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Strategic Search Marketing, Powered by Efficiency

Affirma specializes in organizing, optimizing, and managing search accounts with seamless, automated reporting and analytics to help clients achieve success in the search space. Whether you are looking for experienced, technical SEO expertise or winning SEM strategies to increase traffic, leads, and sales, our seasoned digital marketing consultants are here to help.

Affirma specializes in custom SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and marketing automation solutions. With seamless implementation, strategic planning, budget tracking, project management, testing, and business insight, we are focused on helping clients not only grow their business but excel in their digital marketing space.

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