Strategic Visual Design Consulting

We provide creative visual design services to drive traffic at all stages of the funnel with targeted, data-driven strategies.

Affirma offers a variety of visual and creative design services to help you build, evolve and grow your business and brand identity. Whatever your design need, we can pull in a wide range of experts for any digital marketing project to provide intelligent, custom-designed consulting to suit all your business needs and help you reach your goals.

Whether you are looking for help with infographics, website design, interactive design, banner ads, UX/UI, logos, or more; we provide informed full-service and a la carte design options to help you tell your visual design story to the audiences that matter most.


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Visual Design Solutions That Spark Interest

Today’s audiences speak a visual language by communicating across a variety of forms of digital media to connect, share and engage in meaningful ways. Affirma helps clients join the conversation to emotionally connect with audiences through uniquely crafted content on the channels and sites they frequent.

We understand that your brand has a story to tell and our visual design professionals can help by simplifying even the most complex information by strategically designing easily digestible content and visuals that not only speak directly to your target market but also sparks actionable results from them.

How do we do this? At Affirma, we are very focused on understanding and interpreting the data to make insights and recommendations for our clients. We take this information to implement design recommendations on a very agile and iterative basis and analyze data on a granular level on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, depending on our clients’ needs. This data informs visual design and content deliverables, catered strategically for your digital marketing campaigns or design goals.

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Integrated Visual Design Consulting Services

Whether you’d like to integrate your visual design strategy with new platforms, or you need design recommendations to make the most of your investment, we can help. From evaluation and strategic planning to implementation and support; we’re here for the full range of options.


Whether you need to create infographics to compliment your website or landing pages, include them in your blogs, or utilize them on their own as a piece of content, our team is ready to help.
We make sure your infographics are on brand, using your colors, logos, and message that resonates with your company and customer base. Our team also helps plan when to use them, and the best ways to implement them into your content strategy.


Crafting the perfect site for your organization takes time and careful effort. Your site is the first thing your customers see, it embodies who you are, and is a representation of your brand and vision.
We’ll build you a site that is as functional and reliable, as it is visually stunning and impressive. We’ve recently been named one of the best web developers in the region, giving your site the best that Seattle has to offer.
We’ll ensure your new site is integrated with key components like your eCommerce portal, intranet, CRM, accounting systems, inventory, and other business-critical systems. You’ll also retain key marketing features such as conversion and tracking tags.

User Experience and User Interface

Our designers take the time to get to know your users. From analyzing the interactions of your site, we’ll craft design solutions that ensure your users follow a logical journey that leads to a higher conversion rate.
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. To ensure that, our visual designers develop wireframes and mock-ups to guarantee we are on the right track before implementing.


Our unique visual designers understand best practices when it comes to eBook design. We make it easily readable, transforming your ideas into stunning visuals and graphics.
And because we a full-service marketing agency, our visual designers bring in our top content writers to assist with the actual copy of your eBook, ensuring that you get the most from this form of content.


Do you have a big meeting coming up and want to impress your audience? Our team has created presentations for companies to use in several circumstances. We visualize important data to back up your claims, provide graphics/infographics to make your information more digestible, and can even present your information in video form.

Banner Ads

Banner ads complement your PPC strategy and provide more ways to attract visitors to your site. Our visual design services create ads that are tailored towards your audience and showcases your product/services/company in outstanding ways.

Animation and Motion

If you are looking to drive engagement and activity, motion and animation are a proven path. Whether it is creating a subtle animation on a call-to-action for a website or creating a short, animated video to help a viewer understand your message and take action; our animation team can deliver. We can manage the full process from goal setting through final delivery and post-release measurement and improvement. We also offer a la carte animation and motion services, depending on your need.


Whether you need help designing your company logo or need to upgrade it to something fresher, our team of visual designers are ready to tackle any logo need you have.
We’ll make sure it designed to fit any format and will work with your team to ensure you get exactly what works best.


Our team believes in meeting all viewers, visitors, and users where they are on their various devices. We reflect this in our design work by incorporating Accessibility reviews and considerations into our design approach and giving our clients transparency into our decision process and methodology. Read our Accessibility Statement.

Managed Services

If you have a regular need for these sorts of services, our visual design team is ready. Anytime you need a graphic, a new visual advertisement, or a presentation, Affirma is on standby to deliver stunning visuals to help you achieve your goals.

Get a Custom Visual Design Consultation

Affirma provides expert visual design services and conversion optimization consulting to help grow your business.

Because digital marketing moves quickly, our unique model allows you to choose a-la-carte from just the services you need, guaranteeing you the marketing expertise when you need it most. Rest assured that we are here for you, on-demand, as your visual design needs arise.

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