credit union salesforce and sitefinity

Salesforce and Sitefinity Development

A credit union associated with a large global energy corporation based in Northern California needed support with their on-going Sitefinity website and Salesforce CRM platform. While they had completed all the planning for their new implementation of Salesforce, they still needed experienced consultants knowledgeable with the Salesforce platform for support and management guidance.

In addition to their Salesforce support, the client also needed to complete a complete redesign of their website. The client wanted their new website to be better optimized for conversion and to help drive new members to their new financial services page.

What We Did

As part of their engagement with the client, Affirma completed the following tasks and actions.

  • Provided support, guidance, and management of the Salesforce CRM platform, including guidance on how to best integrate and consolidate different ongoing automation projects.
  • Additionally, Affirma’s team of engineers, developers and consultants created programs that allowed the client to automate several of their larger workflows such as their express process, allowing them to substantially reduce their time and resources spent on workflows.
  • Completed a full redesign of the credit union website to improve conversions and user engagement. This included creating multiple iterations of wireframes, creating initial user experience (UX) pathways, completion of initial design compositions, implementing finalized designs within the site’s developmental infrastructure, performing A/B testing and user engagement testing, final troubleshooting, and review.
  • Affirma continues to provide developmental and design support and maintenance to the client for their new website and Salesforce platform.

Finding Success with Salesforce and Sitefinity

After Affirma completed their initial engagement with the client, the client experienced an improvement in the performance and engagement of their new website. The client experienced an increase in conversions and new member sign ups, as well as improved engagement metrics such as bounce rate and time-on-page.

The client also saw improved performance with their Salesforce platform, with more efficient workflows and data migration and integration.

The client continued to contract with Affirma for additional managed support after the completion of the initial engagement.

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