Automate Your Critical Business Processes

We specialize in helping organizations eliminate manual processes and tasks through process automation consulting, allowing them to simplify how they work while gaining better outcomes. 

If routine, repetitive processes are eating up valuable time from your employees, are prone to human error, and increasing overhead cost- Affirma can help. We understand how important these processes are to keep a business functioning properly. We believe that they can be simplified, giving your employees more time to work on business growth and innovation. 

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Process Automation Capabilities

Affirma specializes in helping organizations develop and implement process automation solutions across their org to create smarter, more efficient ways to work.

To accelerate growth and innovation across your business, you need to implement ways for your employees to increase efficiencies, decrease time spent on tedious tasks, and improve overall outcomes. From leveraging technology like the Microsoft Power Platform, leading Change Management initiatives, developing custom software tools, and strengthening your reporting capabilities, Affirma’s process automation consulting services can help you streamline every-day processes to find smarter ways for your teams to work.

Process Automation Consulting Empowers Your Employees with Effective Change Management

Affirma provides change management consulting that ensures your new process automation tools and workflows are successful at driving change across your business.  

Through proactive change management strategies, we alter how your employees think about change, shifting from intimidation to excitement. With our help, your employees will be empowered, engaged, and ready to adopt these new automation tools.   

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Why Affirma For Your Process Automation Needs

Marketing, sales, and service activities are time-consuming, tedious, and easy to forget. Affirma implements CRM process automation that improve your customer interactions and increase productivity for your teams.  

Our process automation consulting team can implement CRM automation for every stage of your customer journey. Whether you need a CRM automation solution that can track your interactions with each customer, automate your responses, case routing, and customer self-service, or automate marketing tasks such as lead assignment, emails, and reporting– we can help. 

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Process Automation Incorporates Custom Tools for Specific Outcomes

When simply leveraging software or applications isn’t enough to deploy the automation your business requires, our custom development team can add custom functionality to make it work for you. 

Affirma’s developers also develop line of business applications that automate manual processes and generate a user-friendly way for accomplishing tedious, time-consuming tasks. Our development team takes the time to fully understand where your business and employees are being challenged to design, develop, and implement a custom solution. 

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Improve Reporting Capabilities

To automate business tasks and processes, we first need to ensure your data is accessible. We build custom data visualization dashboards to centralize data for easier use of self-service analytics, data science, and machine learning. We then set up data collection automation, cleansing, transformation, and reporting that helps you improve your customer service and decision making while increasing your profits.

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Process Automation Creates a More Efficient Workplace

Custom process automation consulting can transform the way your business functions and how your employees work. Streamlining your business processes allows your employees to focus on growing your business while still ensuring compliance standards are met and critical tasks are being completed.  

Benefits of Our Process Automation Solutions: 

  • Eliminates human error 
  • Generates real-time data that allows you to predict customer behaviors  
  • Increases forecasting accuracy 
  • Decreases employee downtime 
  • Reduces overhead and operational costs 
  • Scales with your company as you grow 
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Ready to Make Your Process Automation Ideas Come to Life?

If you would like assistance improving your process efficiencies, eliminating errors, and generating consistent data through automation solutions we are here to help. 
With an industry-leading 98% customer satisfaction ratingAffirma is dedicated to delivering dependable and reliable process automation solutions that exceed your expectations — and it shows. We’ve consistently been named one of Washington’s Best Place’s to Work, placed as a 5-Time Inc. 5000 Honoree, and ranked as a most promising IT provider by the CIO Review. 
Get in touch today to schedule your free consultation and learn how we can help you build a custom process automation solution.

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