What We Do

Digital Marketing

Every business has a story to tell, let us tell it. Our teams offer a full suite of marketing services from copywriting and video storyboarding to email automations and pay-per-click campaigns. Everything we do is built on strengthening your brand, boosting growth, and converting your users into customers and loyal brand evangelists.

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Ignite innovation and creativity across your organization by bringing the right tools and platforms to your people. Empower your teams to achieve more with technology consulting in software development, cloud computing And IT infrastructure.

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Leverage your team’s data, information, and intelligence to optimize your workflows and operations. From data analytics to change management and digital transformations, our business consulting services deliver improved visibility, communication, and forecasting.

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Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Customer Relationship Management software brings you insights that are actionable and knowledge to build personalized customer experiences across your entire line of business. The better you understand your customers, the better your interactions will be.

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Modern Workplace

Our workforces don’t operate the way they used to. With telecommuting, remote work and global teams as a fact of life, your teams require access and connectivity at all times. Our Modern Workplace department specializes in keeping your teams collaborative and connected with the right tools and technology.

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Visual & Creative

Our visual and creative teams offer more than just brilliant graphics and stunning visual designs. We integrate our designs into the larger vision of your business to create designs that lead users to convert, and layouts that convey expertise, authenticity, and trust.

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Platforms and People

At Affirma, we know that a successful project is about more than simply installing the right systems or tools.

Our projects are more than installing the right systems and tools. We pride ourselves on truly providing a consultative experience to our customers. Our process brings both people and platforms together to improve productivity and efficiencies and stimulate growth and development.

We begin each project with a thorough analysis of your needs and scope. This involves more than just the immediate needs of the project. We take a full-view of your company, your industry, and processes to accurately access the best ways we can help.

Set Up for Project Success

From launch to completion, our project teams are shaped to enhance coordination and collaboration with your stakeholders. In addition to a project manager, each team contains a development lead as well as customer engagement manager – an unbilled resource to facilitate communication between you and your project team.

This setup allows us to collaborate freely between our developers, designers, and team members, while providing transparency and visibility into the ongoing work. Your project manager and dedicated customer engagement manager will give regular check-ins to allow for feedback, questions, and updates on your project.

Our Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

At Affirma our most important goal is delivering excellent customer experiences and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of our operations and is always the first metric for review with our project teams, managers, and executives.

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