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Affirma provides expert PPC consulting services to drive traffic at all stages of the funnel with targeted, data-driven strategies.

Your campaigns are our priority. Affirma offers a complete PPC marketing, management, and optimization program to help you spark and sustain growth. We are experts with search, display, video, and retargeting ads on Google, Bing, LinkedIn, social media, and other platforms.

At Affirma, we are very focused on understanding and interpreting the data to make insights and recommendations for our clients. We take this information to implement on a very agile and iterative basis and analyze data on a granular level on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

We have an industry-leading 98% satisfaction rating and bring customer service to a whole new level by taking the time to understand you, your business and your search engine marketing (SEM) goals. We specialize in helping companies of every size maximize PPC spend to increase qualified leads and sales to achieve a positive return on ad spend (ROAS).


Increase in form conversions


Decrease in cost per conversion


Increase in all-up conversions

Maximize Your Pay-Per-Click Spend

If your paid advertising campaigns are not generating leads or ROI and you need help implementing paid social or search campaigns, Affirma’s expert PPC consultants can help.

As a leading SEM agency, we have helped our clients rank #1 for their most sought-after keywords and offer full-service technology and digital marketing services so that, unlike other digital marketing agencies, we not only have the expertise of designers, writers, and marketers but also of developers and engineers. As specialists in both the technical and creative side of SEM, we work together to solve our clients’ toughest search problems and offer strategic data-driven insights that provide results.

Whether you need assistance with landing pages and conversation rate optimization or paid advertising strategy, Affirma can help you with your PPC marketing needs.

We are a Google Partner and offer expertise in:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager

SEM / PPC Services

Driving leads online is hard. Affirma can help you take your PPC campaigns to the next level so you can start getting the results you want.

We have a disciplined approach to provide a blueprint for our clients’ pay-per-click success. For each search engine marketing campaign, we create a strategy that aligns with the needs of targeted customers. We then use that strategy to combine the right keywords, messaging, and site experience to delight customers and incite action. We test and analyze every aspect of the campaign and meticulously optimize from click-to-close to ensure they are performing optimally.

Affirma specializes in combining paid search management, optimization, and analytics to set clients up for success with the best return on investment possible. We offer a unique model that allows you to choose a-la-carte from just the services you need or get full-service PPC management. Our PPC Services include the following:

Whether you’re looking for a first-time setup, a fresh set of eyes to optimize, or monthly management, we’ve got your PPC needs covered to help you maximize your ad spend. Our SEM Consultants analyze data, make client-facing reports and dashboards to communicate progress every step of the way.

PPC Management and Conversion Optimization Services

We offer a complete PPC marketing, management, and optimization program to help you ignite and sustain growth.

PPC Audit Services

We often hear that PPC just stopped working for some of our new clients, and there can be many reasons why. Starting with a PPC audit will help you uncover the details and provide you a concrete plan of action to get things back on track.

Conversion Centered Design

Every step of our design process is centered around creating landing pages that convert your visitors into new customers.

Ongoing Management

If you want to make sure your campaigns are running efficiently but don’t have the time to run it, we can manage it for you. We work within your budget, saving you time and money while bringing in more qualified. We also A/B test ad copy, landing page copy, and graphics to learn what speaks to your target market so that see positive results and ROI.

Revenue Focused Consulting

Our SEM strategies are focused on translating your marketing efforts into opportunities and landed revenue for your business.

A Complement to Your Strategy

PPC is a great way to get in front of audiences and test new messaging, discover new keywords, and enter new markets that your SEO strategy won’t hit for months. Our SEM Consultants take care of the keyword research, strategy, and implementation.


By connecting different data sets that you already have, we can target your advertising to customers who are already familiar with you and get them to convert.

Paid Social Services

Social platforms as more than a place to engage with consumers. Extensive personalization tools allow us to specifically target the segmented audiences our clients want to reach. Through diligent research and testing, we deliver the right messaging on the right platform at the right time of day to increase engagement.

At Affirma, we go beyond just delivering the ads. We optimize campaigns in real-time through building an extensive testing agenda which evaluates how key messages are resonating across platforms. This tracking includes social engagement as well as key performance indicators that tie directly back to a brand’s business goals to deliver results.

Our Paid Social Consultants specialize in helping clients with their unique needs on these social channels:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Get a Custom Paid Search Consultation

Affirma provides expert AdWords management and conversion optimization consulting to help you your PPC goals, but also grow your business.

Because digital marketing moves quickly, our unique model allows you to choose a-la-carte from just the services you need, guaranteeing you the marketing expertise when you need it most. Rest assured that we are here for you, on-demand, as your PPC needs arise.

Here are a few ways we can help you:

  • Google-Certified, expert campaign management
  • Regular strategy and performance reviews
  • Ad copy and landing page A/B test management
  • Keyword bid and campaign budget optimization
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Discover how conversational search can help your organization improve your buying funnel and increase sales.

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