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Affirma provides expert data analytics consulting to help companies get real-time, accessible data to allow them to make quicker and smarter data-driven business decisions.  

We believe data should drive every business decisionby helping empower organizations set up the foundation for clean actionable data. Affirma’s data analytics team is skilled at turning your raw data into clear insights, empowering your team to make stronger decisions. Through strategic business intelligence, data warehouse development, data visualization methods, and analytics consulting, we can design, develop, and implement a data analytics solution that meets your organization’s needs. 

Whether you need to visualize your financial data, analyze your customer’s behavior, access HR data, or evaluate your sales and marketing pipeline, our data analytics solutions can help. By making your data clear and accessible, we help you get a holistic understanding of your company, drive business growth, and gain a competitive advantage.   

Business problems our data & analytics solutions solve for: 

  • Data Siloes 
  • Manual Reporting 
  • Analytics Capabilities 
  • Data Value 
  • Data Integrity
  • Growth and Scalability 


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Data Analytics Consulting Services

Our data analytics consultants offer expertise in various analytics tools, technologies, and systems. Check out our services to discover which data solution is right for you:  

Data Strategy

Our Data and Analytics team identifies key metrics to drive your company towards growth, and then develops and implements a solution fit for you. Our consultants have worked with hundreds of clients in every vertical, giving us the expertise to help you develop a data analytics strategy that will support your company goals and give you a competitive advantage. 

Enterprise Data Warehouse Development 

Our Data team can take care of each stage of your data warehouse. Whether you need someone to build one from scratch, optimization of your current, or you just need remote management of a current system, we are ready to helpWith a strong focus on the cloud in Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud), Snowflake, and more. 

Data Integrations & Transformation 

Our data engineering consultants handle integrations between your systems and a database or BI toolConnecting the dots from CRMERP, web apps, and more to give every user the empowerment to make confident, data-driven decisions for every function and level. 

Data Visualization 

We visualize data across multiple devices to give your team anytime access. From offline data access to mobility and stunning visuals, our team utilizes the best software and tools to create BI dashboards and other visualizations of your data. 


We help businesses use data to answer business questions, discover relationships, predict outcomes, and automate decisions.  Uncovering new insights using applied mathematics, statistics, modeling, and machine learningAll with a goal of helping sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, finance, HR and more make better more actuate business decisions. 

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With an industry-leading 98% customer satisfaction rating across more than 1500 projects, Affirma is dedicated to delivering dependable and reliable digital, business and technology solutions that exceed your expectations — and it shows. We’ve consistently been named one of Washington’s Best Place’s to Work, placed as a 5-Time Inc. 5000 Honoree, and ranked as a most promising IT provider by the CIO Review. 

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