Video, Audio, and Animation Production

Offering content in a variety of modalities has proven to be extremely effective as not everyone learns the same way. People watch an average of 19 hours of online videos per week and 88% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Incorporating videos, podcasts, and animations can expand your reach to a whole new audience.

Production Consulting Services

Video Production Services

  • Social Media Ads, Reels, and Shorts
  • Promotional Videos
  • Webinars & Virtual Events
  • Customer Stories
  • Tradeshow Videos
  • Short Films
  • Commercials

Audio Production Services

  • Podcasts
  • Audio white papers
  • Audio blogs

Animation Production Services

  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Animated Typography and Logos
  • Motion Graphic Animations
  • Character Development and Animation

Affirma’s Process

Be it a video, podcast, or animation production, our team recommends that the following steps are taken into consideration to deliver a high-quality project.

Discovery (Recommended)

Understanding your message and goals:

  • Kick-off call to discover who you are and what you are looking to communicate
  • Align on a shared vision
  • Conduct market research and identify the target audience, per client need
  • Determine the direction and work toward a concept

Planning & Pre-Production

Getting your eyes on the creative vision for your project:

  • Define the storyline and craft a compelling script
  • Establish and plan out effective visual concepts as needed
  • Recommend a style of production that is on-budget
  • Deliver a storyboard that aligns with the creative vision

Production & Post

Once the concept and the style of production is approved, it’s time to combine the elements into a finished product. We typically provide clients with two rounds of revisions to ensure all expectations are met.


  • Identify the need for actors, speakers, or multi-lingual voice artists
  • Run tech checks to ensure quality
  • Conduct filming on-site, in-studio, or online
  • Edit footage and apply sound design


  • Identify need for speaker or multi-lingual voice artist
  • Run audio tech checks to ensure quality
  • Conduct virtual or on-site audio recording
  • Mix multiple audios into a smooth podcast with sound design


  • Identify the need for multi-lingual voice artists
  • Create visual elements to match video direction and brand
  • Bring the concept to life with animation
  • Apply sound design

Accessibility & Reach

  • Generate and quality-assure closed caption and audio descriptive files
  • Boost your project’s reach to a global level with localization
  • Recommend other ways to maximize project reach
  • Identify the best platforms to distribute your project
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