Let’s face it, a solid dedicated server can easily cost up to 6 figures. The purchase of the server, programs to run server communication and maintenance all add up quickly. But, unless you need a huge amount of storage for an enormous company, that’s a hefty fee for data storage that you should strongly reconsider. There are 3 simple reasons why cloud consulting services can help you run down your costs and clean-up business functions.

Cost savings

Purchasing a server only represents part of the total cost of ownership. Maintenance is the long-term commitment that can make or break a business budget. For example, maintenance staff, a constant stream of electricity and storage space can keep IT workers from sleeping at night. This is exactly why Microsoft Azure is among the most popular cloud platforms today. It can reduce maintenance related costs to less than a fraction of what they used to be.

Integration of all programs

You can event host all of your Microsoft Office files and integrate them with cloud services. This is the power of cloud-computing. Ram and disk space can also be upgraded with the click of a mouse, or even automated. Even a power outage can’t stop programs, or even mobile phones, that are linked to the cloud. You can change permissions, transfer files and collaborate simply with internet access.

Strong Security

Security used to be one of the biggest concerns for cloud-clients. The Microsoft Azure team responded to fears of soft security by passing a 400-point security standard issued by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. In short, Microsoft Azure is certified by the government amongst the highest level security clearances available. What this means for your business is sensitive information, such as financial data, medical records and even law enforcement data, is protected with state-of-the-art security.

Switch with Affirma

Need help bundling Office 365 and all your valuable assets to the cloud? We can help! Affirma’s Cloud Consulting Services are great at replicating and tailoring your data environments into the cloud. Learn more about our Azure consulting services and contact an infrastructure IT consultant.

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