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A deep understanding of your customers and their online behaviors has never been more important as the world has transitioned to a digital marketplace.

User research is vital to dig deep into the psyche of your target audience’s behaviors—including their wants, needs and pains. Affirma’s proven end-to-end user research strategies help engage customers, increase conversion and spark an emotional connection between your brand and your identified segmented audiences.

We take the time to learn about your goals, ask the right questions to understand your business, and study your competition to become an expert in your marketplace to devise an effective user research strategy.



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End to End User Research to Produce Results

Our user research consultants draw from a diverse toolkit to address your team’s research questions and needs. By analyzing market trends and doing in-depth competitor reviews and research, we can pinpoint customer needs to appeal to end-users. Our UX/UI researchers conduct a wide range of studies that follow proven user research methods in these areas:

  • Audience research, including journey mapping, personas, and user interviews
  • Product and strategy research, including market validation and concept testing
  • Content and information architecture, including navigation research and user click-through
  • Usability testing and UX audits and in-depth analytic research

User Research Services

Drilling-down to understand your users wants, needs, pain points, and motivations can mean the difference between success and failure in the competitive marketplace. Affirma uses UX research strategies that encompass several research methods to understand not only your customers’ desires from your product or service, but also how to align those desires and possibilities with your business goals. Here are some of the methods we use:

• Journey mapping
• Card sorting
• Surveys
• Site Visits / Contextual Inquiry
• Persona Development
• Focus Groups
• Benchmark Testing
• Field Study
• Multivariate and A/B Testing
• Usability Testing

Usability Research and Testing

Whatever stage your product is in, we work with you to create a UX strategy to build user experience into an effective product design that will speak to your users. We will help you do the following:

• Determine your research goals
• Gather the data you need to collect answers to your questions
• Pinpoint research methods and usability testing to align the product design with your end goal

Our process is straightforward:

Design study > Recruit Users > Conduct Study > Analyze Results > Recommend Changes

Once we get the results of the UX research and usability testing, we can make recommendations for improving the design. Your internal team can implement changes or recommendations, or Affirma can oversee the process for you.

Get a Custom User Research Consultation

Affirma provides customized user research solutions, optimization, and development consulting to help clients succeed in the marketplace.

Because digital marketing moves quickly, our unique model allows you to choose a-la-carte from just the services you need, guaranteeing you the marketing expertise when you need it most. Rest assured that we are here for you, on-demand, as your user research design needs arise.

Ready to get started? Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you reach your UX goals.

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