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Building a Better Platform for Users

Xbox, the video game division of Microsoft, wanted to create a platform where passionate fans of Xbox gaming could interact and develop enriching relationships. Xbox knew that the social engagement and community that can form around gaming was one of the biggest draws for their customer base. Xbox knew that creating a safe, inclusive, and innovative community would be key to continuing their success within the Xbox platform.

Xbox created a plan for a program called Xbox Ambassadors that would allow fans and evangelists of the Xbox brand to assist other users in troubleshooting and setting up their Xbox and Xbox live accounts, in exchange for redeemable rewards. The Xbox Ambassadors program created a unique environment in which experienced gamers would provide the assistance and experience that was previously provided by Microsoft support team members.

What We Did

As part of their engagement with Xbox, Affirma helped drive user engagement and membership for the Xbox community with a strong and consistent social, email and content communication strategy.

Affirma introduced new marketing tactics and strategies to Xbox’s current campaigns such as lifecycle emails, integrated social channels and an overarching communication strategy. Each of these new initiatives allowed Xbox to increase the number of total Xbox Ambassadors, active Xbox Ambassadors as the average level of engagement across all users.

In addition to increasing the total number of Xbox Ambassador users, Affirma also undertook initiatives to increase overall engagement with other users, as well as the official Xbox Activity Feed and Newsletter.

Affirma also implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that would automate community engagement messaging and tracking new user signups and behaviors.

The Result

As a result of Affirma’s sustained initiatives and tactics, Xbox increased their number of active Xbox Ambassadors from ~100,000 to over ~500,000 users. Powered by new technical innovations and automations, Affirma’s marketing campaigns helped to scale Xbox’s current community engagement and Xbox Ambassador signup workflow, as well as improved the functionality of the Xbox Ambassador’s rewards process.

Finally, Affirma’s engagement also helped Xbox increase the amount of original content that they were producing for the Xbox Ambassador’s program, and helped Xbox increase the total number of activities and missions available for program members.

Xbox completed their engagement with Affirma with increased metrics across all engagement and user data. At the conclusion of the engagement the Xbox Activity Feed logged 2,183 engagements, 3,952 new visitors and 587 conversions from the project. The Xbox Newsletter also had 810,020 opens and 276 conversions.

xbox ambassadors

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