Client Need

We partnered with a social media company to provide expert project management and strategy as they implemented new processes and tools across their organization. Their needs were two-fold: 1) they needed change management to drive adoption of new collaboration tools as their business needs evolved; and 2) they wanted to set up an internal digital agency to increase brand awareness and evangelize the team’s mission.

What we did

Project Management

Change Management strategy

Agile Methodology

Internal digital agency development

Increased brand awareness

Drove user adoption of new tools

Enhanced communication with stakeholders

What We Did & Ongoing Work

We embedded a team of PMs and Tools experts onsite to design, implement and roll out change initiatives within their 3000-person department to support the migration of their collaboration platform and drive user adoption. The core team comprised of 1 Sr. PM Lead, 1 Strategy PM, and 2 Tools Engineers. They used Agile SCRUM methodology to keep the process moving at a high speed, maintain effective communication with stakeholders and deliver transparent metrics tracking.

For that same department, we are also applying the Agile method in helping them build out a digital agency that manages Events, Communication, Content Strategy & Development, and Design & User Experience.

Overall Results

Our change management strategy and project management team helped drive user adoption, improve communication with stakeholders, and delivered transparent metric tracking. We also worked closely with them to develop an internal digital agency to increase brand awareness and expand their mission and vision.

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