Client Need

Illuminate Education provides assessment, MTSS collaboration and management, and real-time dashboard tools for educators. Their mission is to empower teachers with data to serve every child and help them reach new levels of student achievement.

Their team was looking for an assessment of their site’s SEO performance. Their team sought out Affirma for a technical assessment and audit to discover strengths, vulnerabilities, and the latest SEO best practices.

What we did

Assessed and audited the Illuminate Education website

Monitored and indexed the site’s traffic through Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Reviewed and audited the most-visited pages

Developed and delivered a full technical assessment document

Analyzed on-page and off-page SEO performance

Provided detailed future best practices

What We Did

Affirma’s team reviewed the website, monitored the site’s traffic and indexing through third-party platforms such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and audited the most-visited pages of the site. Affirma then created a full technical assessment document that summarized Illuminate Education’s SEO performance and infrastructure. Both’s on-page and off-page SEO performance was analyzed and documented. Within the document, Affirma outlined specific recommendations for some of the most-visited pages on the site and detailed future best practice recommendations overall. Affirma then compiled these findings and presented them to the Illuminate Education team.

teacher reading to student

Overall Results

After receiving Affirma’s presentation, technical assessment documents, and feedback to follow-up questions, Illuminate Education’s team better understood their site’s SEO performance as well as methods for improvement. Using Affirma’s technical assessment and recommendations allowed their team to drive improvements that allowed for both immediate as well as long-term SEO growth.

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