Extend the Capabilities of Remote Work Across Your Organization

New to using MS Teams? Want to learn how to boost company morale during this uncertain time? Our employees Sarah Coxwell and Meghan Tooley collaborated to share some tips on how companies can be using Teams to help make their remote working conditions better for their employees.

Strategies for SharePoint Success on a Tight Budget

Do you have an upcoming SharePoint project, but are concerned about cost? Martin Cox, Senior SharePoint Architect at Affirma, breaks down how to implement a successful SharePoint project while staying in budget and shares his top 5 tips.

How to Make a Career Path Pivot

Do you want to transition into a new role but don't know how? One of our Recruiters, Sarah Jepsen, offers some guidance and provides some tips to consider when trying to make a switch.

Falling from the Cloud: Avoid Common Pitfalls for a Successful Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud? Make sure your cloud migration strategy avoids common pitfalls to ensure a safe and successful migration. Our Director of Cloud and IT Infrastructure walks through common cloud migration problems and how to mitigate them.

Navigating Working From Home- Tips for Staying Sane and Productive

With the spread of COVID-19 all over the world, businesses are implementing a work from home strategy to encourage social distancing. Sarah Coxwell, Affirma's Office Administrator, shares some relevant tips to help guide you through this experience, especially if you haven't worked from home before.

How Gender Bias Plays a Role in Business and What We Can Do to Prevent it

Want to educate yourself on gender biases in the workplace? Meghan Tooley, Affirma's Marketing Coordinator, reviews what gender bias is, how it hurts women's careers, and simple ways we can work to end it.

5 Ways to Grow as a Sales Development Representative

Gabby Philips, a sales development representative at Affirma, reflects on her role so far and identifies 5 tips that she uses to grow and improve from her role. Read more and see how you can utilize these tips as well!

4 Qualities of Top Sales Representatives That Deliver Real Value

How do you provide value to your client as a salesperson? Our LA Sales Team Lead, Barret Hirchberg, discusses top qualities sales representatives can improve to help their sales strategy and deliver more value to their clients.

The Importance of Office Culture and How to Improve It

4 Tips to Help You Advance Your Career

Want to grow in your career but feeling stuck? Business Analyst, Liz Amaral, uses her 30 years of experience in the workforce to bring us 4 top tips that have helped her advance her career. Check it out!