Marketing, particularly digital marketing, is critical today. Daily, 77% of US adults are going online. This means that 77% of US adults are reachable through effective, targeted marketing. Whether it’s through an email, a paid ad, or social media, your targeted audience is ready to be marketed to.

Not to mention, marketing is more than often a low-cost effort with high-impact results. Email marketing, one of the more standard forms of marketing, has an average ROI of 4400%. In other words, every $1 you spend on your email marketing results in $44 back in your businesses’ pocket.

But the real linchpin of reaching your audiences and seeing ROI like this is not just doing marketing, it’s doing it well. This is where a marketing agency comes in. The business of a marketing agency is not just marketing, but how to support the marketing needs and goals that are specific to your business.

Let’s dive into all the areas where a marketing agency can support your businesses’ marketing efforts and how they do it.

Where a Marketing Agency Can Help

Most of marketing today is digital because most of your audiences have gone almost completely digital. This means the digital landscape for marketers is vast and there are numerous digital marketing opportunities a marketing agency can support for your business.

Here are just some of the primary forms of digital marketing that a marketing agency can take on for your business:

Content Marketing

Content is key for many reasons and has become an almost obligatory form of marketing for most organizations. Of B2B marketers, 91% use content marketing to reach their customers. And B2C marketers are no different, with 86% incorporating marketing into their marketing efforts. Like email marketing, content marketing is a low-cost, high-return marketing investment, since one piece of content can be repurposed into numerous other pieces of content, becoming essential tools for your audience to learn about your offerings and get much closer to engaging with your team and eventually becoming a customer.

But content marketing is not cut and dry. Producing a fully designed and expert-level piece of written content requires a particular skill set and knowledge base. Engaging with a marketing agency to produce content that has a long lifespan and gains your organization real traction can be a major value add for your business.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can be both a short-term and long-term value add for your business. When applied correctly and strategically, marketing automation can optimize your entire marketing funnel.

Whether you’re already using a marketing automation platform such as HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, or one of the many other options, an experienced marketing agency can help optimize and improve the efficiency of your current marketing automation efforts. Or, if you’re new to marketing automation, a marketing agency can help you select the appropriate platform for your needs and set you up on the path to automated marketing success.


SEO, or search engine optimization, can also be an inexpensive investment with a fairly high return. On average, for every $1 invested, there is a return of $2.75. With the right marketing agency to support your SEO efforts, this number can be even higher.

SEO leverages the strategic use of keywords to organically help your content rank higher in online searches. Rather than investing in competitive paid advertising, your content can speak for itself through targeted keywords. But, as there is with any marketing effort, your competitors are also trying to take advantage of these keywords and place themselves above you on the list. That is why SEO experts at a marketing agency are necessary to help identify the most strategic keywords for your business to compete on, as well as how to make this happen. A marketing agency experienced with SEO may recommend numerous different SEO efforts to help you rank higher in search, including optimizing current content for keywords, including your webpages, as well as curating new content that not only adds value for your audience but also leverages these strategic keywords.

How a Marketing Agency Experience is Different

These services offered by a marketing agency are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to supporting your business. Aside from the services they offer, truly great marketing agencies provide an experience that is grounded in expertise, consultation, and dependability.

They are Experts

A marketing agency is comprised of experts. Whether it be SEO, design, or content, a marketing agency can stand on its own and support the specific needs of your business because it is made up of experts who work in these areas day in and day out. They are seasoned when it comes to their fields, keeping up with the latest trends and areas for growth in their area of expertise.

They are Consultatative

By being experts, they can provide you with the clear direction and consultation your business needs. A superb marketing agency evaluates and assesses your needs as a business constantly. They should take the time to understand your pain points and challenges so that the marketing solutions they provide are tailored to not only address these challenges but address them in the way that best works for your business, including timeline, budget, and communication style. No two businesses are exactly alike, so no approach should be completely templatized.

They are Dependable

And a true marketing agency is your partner. They become an extension of your business, collaborating with your team and striving to create a trusting relationship with your business. When you are letting in a marketing agency to the operations and inner workings of your business, you need to ensure that they are reliable, delivering on the promises they set up front, and providing your business with a true opportunity to feel safe enough to lean on them and help your business grow.

Sydney Moorhead is a Content Writer at Affirma.

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