Where to Start With Your B2B Social Media Strategy

So you want to start using social media for your B2B company, but with so many moving parts, it can be difficult to figure out where to start and if it is worth it. Our Sr. Marketing Engineer, Pamela Cook, dives into how to begin and highlights some key benefits social media can have on…

Challenging Times and Leading with Empathy

Discover why leading with empathy during these challenging times is important and how it can lead to conflict resolution and creative problem-solving strategies.

Azure DevOps and DevSecOps Best Practices and Strategies

Learn the best practices and strategies around the implementation of DevOps and DevSecOps within the Azure ecosystem from Affirma's Senior Software Engineer Isaac Vargas.

Strengthening Client Relationships During a Global Crisis

Strengthening client relationships is more important than ever. Check our how Kelsey Hurter, a Senior Customer Engagement Manager at Affirma, is using her client check-ins to cultivate deeper relationships during this global crisis.

How to Improve Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

If COVID-19 is negatively impacting your company, it might be time to adapt your marketing strategy to fit this new, unexpected environment. Emillie Kuo, Marketing Associate at Affirma, dives into how marketers can shift their strategies in order to stay relevant during the pandemic. Check it out to learn more!

Why Leverage Virtual Events to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Are you one of the thousands of companies who were planning to attend a conference this year? Kenny Ryan, Marketing Engineer at Affirma walks us through what webinars and virtual events and how to use them to drive leads and revenue for your organizations during this time. Check it out to learn more!

Zoom vs. Teams: Which is Better For Virtual Communication?

Zoom or Teams? That is the ultimate question in our current predicament. Shay Hendrick, Sales Engineer at Affirma, discusses the ins and outs of both platforms. Learn which one we are recommending to our clients.

Human Connection in the Time of Quarantine

COVID-19 has left us all quarantining in our houses, causing several issues, a lack of connection being one of them. Delaney Jeude, a Junior Account Executive at Affirma, shares with us the importance of human connection during this pandemic and why we should all be trying our hardest to continue building supportive relationships.

How to Enhance Your Marketing With 5 Psychological Hacks

Need help attracting your audience to your marketing campaigns? Kenny Ryan, one of Affirma's Marketing Engineers, gathered 9 psychological tips that help drive traffic and increase sales. Check it out!

Try These 5 Tips in Self-Isolation To Have More Fun in Quarantine

Stuck at home and running out of things to do? Maria Mejia, an Account Executive here at Affirma, put together a list of 5 things you can do to help pass the time during the social isolation.