The Importance of Office Culture and How to Improve It

4 Tips to Help You Advance Your Career

Want to grow in your career but feeling stuck? Business Analyst, Liz Amaral, uses her 30 years of experience in the workforce to bring us 4 top tips that have helped her advance her career. Check it out!

The Importance of Peer Feedback and How to Do it Successfully

Hr Generalist, Riley Toher, discusses the importance of peer feedback and how to deliver it in meaningful ways. Read more to learn some great tips to use next time you want to give feedback!

Bulletproof Immunity- Does It Even Exist?

Julie Ryu, a Business Analyst at Affirma, has compiled the best ways to boost your immune system, and provided unique ways to heal from colds or the flu this year. Read more to find out how she stays healthy!

How to Build Successful Teams: The T-Shaped Person Concept

Our GM of creative services dives into the ins and outs of building successful team. He discusses the T-shaped person concept, and how integrating that within his team has lead to higher customer satisfaction and better project outcomes. Learn more about his take and how you can use it to build stronger teams.

New Year, New Level of Customer Satisfaction

A note from our Chief Executive Officer on the past decade and how Affirma plans to bring higher levels of customer satisfaction to our clients.

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