Affirma Through The Decade

Turning the calendar over on a new decade is a meaningful event. As I think back to where Affirma was ten years ago, I recall about 30 employees working out of a small office in Bellevue, Washington. Now, we have grown to over 500-strong, with 8 locations across three continents.

Our service offerings have also expanded to include about 100 specialties in various areas of software consulting, custom development, and digital marketing. Our success in positioning Affirma as a top technology consulting firm over the last decade has been founded on an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction.

Growth brings its own challenges and we are aware that there is still much to do in the ongoing pursuit of delighted customers. As we embark on the decade of the 2020s, setting new goals and evolving our organizational vision geared toward higher levels of customer service is at the forefront of my mind.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

The employee break room at Affirma headquarters exhibits a one-page document containing our company vision and mission. Principle #1 emphasizes that we will never sacrifice customer satisfaction, stating, “We will not prioritize a project’s financial health over the satisfaction of a customer”. Another principle reminds employees to always be an advocate for our customers.

These messages empower employees to act on behalf of clients at all times. They remind us all to focus on prioritizing client needs above all else, leading to both high customer satisfaction and a thriving business. Creating satisfied customers who come back to us for additional support is critical to our long-term success. This only happens when we truly understand the business needs of our clients and successfully implement solutions that help them accomplish their goals.

affirma's customer satisfaction

Our expertise in technology services, digital marketing, CRM systems, and workplace collaboration tools allows us to support our client organizations in their need to grow, evolve, and find prosperity.

New Initiatives For 2020

In 2020 we are implementing several new initiatives aimed toward continually improving customer satisfaction. These include hiring new personnel for technical support during sales and discovery meetings, reducing subject matter expert transitions during engagements, and improving knowledge transfer when a transition does occur. Setting our targets for the coming decade based on reaching new heights of customer satisfaction drives our leadership team and will help us serve client needs well into the future.

Rob Campbell is Affirma's CEO.

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