Previously, I wrote about how using BPO can bring substantial savings to businesses. But BPO can do more than just save you money. BPO can save you time. We all know how precious time is. We can’t create more time, and no matter what we do, we’ll never have more time than the competition. There is a way to have more relative time though. If we cut out the unnecessary, that gives us more time to work on the things that matter. It’s this increased focus from BPO that saves businesses and decision-makers time.

Reduce Your Management Headaches

Ordinarily, business managers are bombarded with all the concerns of employees beneath them. A pretty substantial portion of your time is probably spent managing the mundane aspects of management. Approving requests for vacations, or taking calls from employees who are out sick, or managing the different egos in your office. It can all be a drain on your time, not to mention your mental energy.

When BPO is used to outsource business operations to a third-party, it frees up your time, mind, and space to the decisions you need to think about. When people think of outsourcing, they usually think of moving labor somewhere to get cheaper labor costs in return for a lower product. But BPO can be more than that, BPO can simply mean organizing labor more efficiently.

Increase Your Focus

For example, a business can use BPO to organize their engineers and developers under a third-party not to save on labor costs, but to pass off the headaches of managing a large team. BPO can mean going from managing 20-30 individuals to periodically receiving reports from two or three different people on the status of your team of 20-30. There’s no loss in product quality, just a decrease in the energy spent on your behalf trying to manage them.

A second savings on time comes from an increased focus on what matters to you. Every business has functions that are necessary but are not the core focus of the business. These functions frequently take up the time, attention, and energy of decision-making executives.

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When these non-essential functions are outsourced through BPO, decision-makers have greater time and energy for their essential departments and operations. Essentially, BPO moves the focus from managing the individual details of a project, to receive reports on the results of a project.

How Affirma Can Help

At Affirma, we realize that BPO cannot be approached lightly. That’s why we have BPO specialists who will work with you to achieve the best plan for your business. We’ll work with you to ensure that your projects produce excellent results with minimal management stress. Talk to our BPO experts today and see how BPO can help your business.

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