Microsoft just launched two solution templates as a public preview for Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.   These are powerful new tools that help customers very quickly deliver powerful analytics and visualizations on their CRM applications

Power BI Templates offer a very quick guided experience to create compelling reports using Dynamics CRM and Salesforce data. This means that instead of spending your time on the plumbing, you can spend it on extending and customizing the solution template to meet your organization’s needs.

A Power BI solution template includes three components:

  1. The ability to get data out of the source application with an initial full load and subsequent incremental loads (ie, just new and changed records) to get data into a datamart or data warehouse,
  2. A pre-configured database and Power BI model with extensible schema and calculations for measures and KPIs pertaining to the domain, and
  3. Quick start tools like a default set of Power BI reports that work out of the box and can be extended.

See the full announcement from Microsoft.

For more information, contact us at Affirma Consulting for a free consultation about how to configure an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain analytics tool on top of your CRM.

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