What We Believe

Affirma’s company mission, “Become the best at providing solutions to positively impact people” extends beyond the hundreds of satisfied customers served since our inception, it also refers to making a difference in our community. The Affirma team is more than technical expertise; we believe that having a heart — both individually and as a collective — matters just as much. In practice, this means that when we’re not providing cutting-edge consulting services, you might just as easily see us lending a hand to help better the communities in which we live.

Helping Those Who Help Others

Rather than spending their weekend relaxing in the Seattle summer sun, 25 Affirmites spent a Saturday at the Salvation Army White Center. This facility provides local youth with a safe place to work on schoolwork, play sports and socialize with other kids in a friendly, welcoming environment. Primarily funded by government and public donations, organizations like Salvation Army often find themselves short-handed and in need of extra volunteer “muscle.”

What We Did

Facilitated through Seattle Works, Affirma volunteers donned their bibs and helped the staff at Salvation Army White Center paint the facility from top to bottom. Often, a fresh coat of paint can enhance the worn out space and also provide a valued morale boost in the process. Most importantly, the money saved from Affirma’s volunteers went to funding new playground equipment.

Beyond Salvation Army

Community engagement is a truly integral part of the work atmosphere here at Affirma — it’s in our DNA. Affirma also connects employee’s technical expertise with community goodwill through the annual Affirma Summer Camp. During the week-long class, young children are exposed to basic coding techniques from Affirma’s CEO Michael Brown.  This year the class tested their new skills on a Game Engine called Unity3d, much like the popular game Minecraft. By the end of the week, each child had a working understanding of variables, single and multi-dimensional arrays and lastly learned how to create their own personalized map within the game.

Customer service transcends project-based work. Commitment to helping our communities is a core value of Affirma. Affirma focuses on attracting talent who believe it’s important to bring both your heart and your mind to the workplace every single day.

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