Why You Should Still Care About Web Design

Your Customers Live Online

Most of modern humanity spends at least part of their day online. For many of your business’s customers, the internet plays an enormous role in how they consume news, entertainment, and socialize. It’s important to remember that consumers now make many of their purchases online.  And as much as 83% of customers search for products online before purchasing. Even those customers who do not purchase online, still make decisions based on the information that they find online. For many of your customers, your website will be their primary mode of interaction, making it essential that your website presents the best face possible.

Your Website is Your Face to the Public

A website is an extension of your business’s sales, marketing, and public relations departments. In a competitive market, great web design can differentiate your business from your competition. Web design is more than simple aesthetics. It combines elements of content, art, and technology to create a medium for your customer to experience your business. The design of your website will foster trust and encourage a purchase or will turn potential customers away. In the competitive online world in which we live, having a mediocre website that simply gets by is no longer enough.

First Impressions Matter

There have been countless studies that show how fast customers make judgments about the feel and display of a website. In some studies, customers made their decisions and judgments concerning a site in as few as 30 milliseconds. One of the primary factors that influence a customer’s thinking is the visual design of a site. Impressive visual design not only makes your business more attractive to customers, but it can also directly translate to more business. An appealing website can be the difference between customers who act and customers who leave.

Where Can I go for Help?

Proper design can be difficult for businesses that lack their own web development staff. And the use of online site builders can sometimes prove inadequate. Sometimes your business needs capabilities that drag and click templates can’t provide.

In this case, web design consultants can help provide for your web design needs. At Affirma, our visual design team is dedicated to fulfilling all of your business’s web needs. Our web design consultants can work with your business to cover every aspect of a site. This includes mapping out a site’s architecture, to incorporating principles of visual design. Our team of experienced visual design consultants will work to create the website that best fits the needs of your business.

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