You might be wondering, “why use staffing services if I have a HR hiring team?” A great business thrives on the right people, and staffing services can extend your HR resources to supercharge your hiring. Here are a few ways staffing services can supplement your HR hiring team.

Industry Experts Conduct Interviews

Affirma is unique as a full-service consulting company that uses technical industry experts to conduct interviews with candidates. For example, if you are looking for a SharePoint Architect, then an experienced SharePoint Architect will conduct an interview to assess the candidate’s skills and abilities. Additionally, the candidate will have not one, but multiple interviews to further assess personality, experience and potential. This way, there is a much higher chance that your business will meet a qualified candidate. The amount of time that your company can save on this process is one of the biggest reasons why many businesses are already utilizing staffing services.

Added Resources

Staffing services start with sourcing. This is the process of getting noticed on the most influential career mediums and through personal referrals. The depth and breadth of connections that a staffing services build is also a time-saving asset for your business. The end goal is not on the number of applicants, but the quality of a qualified candidate(s) for the position. Quality is determined by matching the desired experience and personality of the company with the desires of the candidate in their career ambitions. This is the recipe that creates a much higher possibility for healthy, long-term employment.

Affirma is a staffing service company that can provide candidates for many of the hardest skill sets to find, including: software engineers, technical and non-technical project managers, finance and business analysts, and many more! Many staffing services are not able to provide the same dedication to talent search. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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