Today’s businesses thrive on the value of information. It is the oxygen that companies need to survive. Smart businesses know that the real power of efficient information sharing regardless of the traditional constraints of time, geography, space or business group.

Exactly how information is shared throughout organizations is where Microsoft’s SharePoint platform comes in. Organizations use SharePoint for secure information sharing, which allows employees to access data, update information in real-time and handle back-end compilation and storage so that employees direct their attention to higher-level, more strategic work.

But beyond the features and applications that SharePoint offers, it’s what SharePoint actually delivers that is what’s really important: collaboration and partnership.

Whether you’re a university or a hospital, a financial management firm or a retail store, having a technology platform that enables partnership, information sharing and real-time collaboration can do nothing but enhance productivity and company communication. For companies who are transitioning between storing information on-site or in the cloud, SharePoint can be adapted to fit each organization’s specific needs.

Of particular relevance for growing businesses, SharePoint offers comprehensive workflow management to speed up sometimes lengthy compliance or processing tasks, and social collaboration tools to stay engaged with company culture, events, and employee engagement. Without tools like SharePoint, companies run the risk of getting bogged down in too much information that is not readily accessible or usable by employees.

Affirma is a Microsoft Gold Certified SharePoint Partner, and also engaged with many internal Microsoft teams as a provider for mission-critical SharePoint development projects. Learn more about how our SharePoint Consultants can help your business work through challenges by integrating SharePoint.

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