Addressing Remote Database Administrator (DBA) Service Concerns

Organizations thinking about moving over to a remote DBA service often have questions and concerns about how a remote DBA will affect them. We’ve listed some of the most common concerns, and how using a remote DBA can help your organization.

I have a full-time DBA to prevent potential catastrophes from affecting my database. How can I be sure that a remote DBA will be there to prevent my systems from failing or other similar disaster events from occurring?

Unforeseen incidents are inevitable and can arise at any time. However, having a strategy in conjunction with best practices helps to implement processes that can highlight or call attention to issues that can lead to database server failure. Our DBA service team not only helps to implement those processes they can also monitor the system on a regular basis as defined within the service agreement. Our DBA teams are also placed geographically to provide consistent 24/7 support.

I pay my full-time DBA a flat salary regardless of the number of incidents. Remote DBA’s are charged per incident, how can I be sure that using a remote DBA will save me money?

Database servers require implementing a good strategy that can solve issues before they arise, thus reducing the total number of incidents. In many cases, using a database server can even solve issues before they arise as incidents, ensuring that SLA’s are not compromised. Our team focuses on implementing the repeatable automated system health checks from best practices which reduces the number of incidents. This increases security and savings when compared with FTE database administrators.

My database doesn’t use many incidents and I feel confident letting my regular IT staff handle my database. Why would I need to use a remote DBA?

Have you ever had to recover a production database? Is your database server configured based on the best practices? Are your database recovery models based on your business needs? Does your IT staff completely understand the database architecture and recovery models offered by the provider? If you answered NO to any of these questions then you should seriously consider using a service that can help you evaluate your current database system to ensure you minimize any potential negative impacts to your business.

My database is a critical part of my business. I have a full-time DBA because I trust their expertise and experience. How can I be sure that using a remote DBA service will be sufficient for my needs?

The cost of our service will be less than a full-time DBA. As far as the trust and experience of your internal staff, our DBA service team focuses on 100% customer satisfaction by following the best practices to ensure your systems are in the best health to support your business needs. We can arrange a meeting between you and one of our DBA service team members to help you understand the value we’ll bring to your business.

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