Microsoft’s Power BI is an incredibly valuable tool to any business if used properly. Rather than drowning in a swarm of overwhelming and often mind-numbing data, Power BI allows users to look at information in ways which they may have never before imagined. Despite the obvious benefit of having a treasure trove of information at your disposal, it can be extremely problematic when there is a disconnect between your data and data-analytics when creating a web or mobile application. Power BI Embedded facilitates the assembly of data and analytics in one centralized place.

On Monday, Microsoft Azure released the latest advancement in Power BI, called Power BI Embedded. This Microsoft service is a tech delight that will appeal to app developers far and wide. Along with enhanced Power BI functionality, the main feature that makes Power BI Embedded such useful tool is its ability to port data directly into an application. All of your data can be stored in the cloud and accessed via an application, but what Power BI Embedded allows you to do is create easy-to-understand visualizations that help you take action on your information.

Imagine you are looking for a more efficient way to review your profit margins over the past year. You decide to create an app that houses all of your company’s data, paired with analytics tools in the form of graphs, charts and diagrams that help to interpret that data. Before Power BI Embedded, integrating analytics into an application meant separately signing into your Power BI account, generating reports and individually transferring those reports to your app. With Power BI Embedded, that extra work is rendered moot, saving time and resources.

Whether you’re looking to develop a new data-housing app or buff up your existing app or web site, our technical experts at Affirma can help make Power BI Embedded an integral part of your business. If you’re interested in learning more about BI and how Affirma can help you create solutions that work for your business, find out more about Affirma’s Business Intelligence Consultants.

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