With the technological innovations we have today, businesses have been under pressure to transition to a Modern Workplace.  Easy collaboration is now the key to ensure your team is connected for your business to succeed. Your team needs to be able to communicate and work together quickly and efficiently, and that’s where Microsoft’s Solutions comes into play.

What Does “Modern Workplace” Mean?

The modern workplace is the result of a wide range of generations and demographics within the workplace, using different, new technologies to accomplish their tasks with ease and more efficiently. Employees today have different metrics of success and expectations on how, when, and where they want to work. One of the biggest examples of the modern workplace shift is the ability to work remotely. Some employees want the option to work from home full-time or a hybrid model where they can work in-office a few days and at home the other days. This new way of work is flexible and appeals to the masses, allowing individuals to choose which schedule to participate in. Companies are changing and finding new ways to be collaborative and accessible with programs to allow the team to work together, whether in office or remote, like video technology and real-time sharable documents that employees can use together, like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365.

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So Which Modern Workplace Solution is Best for your Organization?

Microsoft has a wide array of apps, technology, and tools to help your team communicate, collaborate, and accomplish their goals. What’s better is that they’re all housed in the same place: within Microsoft 365. Not only will your team have the best tools, but they’ll have them all at their fingertips, allowing real-time, easy, efficient collaboration.

So, what are these tools? Which ones will fit your unique business goals? We’re glad you asked. Let’s review them.

SharePoint: Ultimate Modern Workplace Collaborative Platform

SharePoint is a platform to help you create powerful sites that allow your team to work together easier. It’s connected through a browser that can be on a computer or mobile device. It’s easy to collaborate and share on the platform, allowing the creation of workflows, or storage of documents. It can be used with other Word programs, like Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and excel. The ability to access these documents from anywhere is a gamechanger in today’s world. Create a website to share documents across the team or company and allow easy sharing and access. Content is easily searched, accessed, and created. It can all live in SharePoint in a library. Because all this information is in one place, this gives insight into the data all shared in SharePoint.

Teams: Communication Power House

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative communication app that allows your employees to instantly chat, share documents, and hold virtual meetings. Teams makes quick, on-the-spot, meetings easy, allowing your employees to connect with each other at the touch of a button. You can record meetings, or share content with screen share. Your team can edit files at the same time in real-time. Team members can talk one-on-one in a chat or call. All Microsoft files can be found within Teams, conveniently keeping everything in one place for easy collaboration.

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Power Apps: Powerful Process Improvement

To work smarter and faster, Power Apps lead. Low code app development platforms. The ability to create innovative apps that automate and improve processes used every day, quickly, with drag and drop simplicity. Easily connects with other systems, like Salesforce. It makes it easy for apps to work easily across different divisions and departments. It makes sharing and collaboration easy for the whole team. It’s designed to work with the most popular development platforms, allowing you to scale faster.

Power Automate: Task Automation Technology

Microsoft has a way to automate tons of repetitive manual tasks to seamlessly connect your apps to be more productive. If someone tweets about your company, Power Automate can create an automated reply where you can approve or deny it. This allows you to focus on where your attention is needed. You can even automate your repetitive tasks with legacy systems. You can create a UI flow that records the actions you need to take and then save it to be used every time. You can securely scale across your entire organization quickly and efficiently.

Power BI: Interactive Business Analytics

Power BI helps you understand and use your data to help your business run more efficiently. You can quickly model or visualize your data and securely share it with your team. It connects to Excel, Salesforce, and other programs to turn your data into live visuals for your team, allowing your team to see a 360-degree view of your business in real-time. It works on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Azure: Flexible Cloud Application Management

Microsoft Azure is a private and public cloud service, used to build, deploy, and manage applications for developers. It uses virtualization, which separates a computer’s CPU from its operating system. It’s a set of services that allows you to use the scalability and agility of cloud computing where you can store data and build applications in the cloud.

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Microsoft 365: Connected Business Apps

It’s an integrated experience of apps that help you run your business and pursue your passions. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and others to help your team collaborate. You can save documents within the storage and run your business with all the business apps included, all in one place. Security and support are backed by Microsoft 24/7 and allows you to achieve your goals with the help of the best tools available.

Microsoft has a vast array of solutions to help your business grow and rise above your competitors. If you’re not quite sure how to start implementing these tools within your team, you don’t have to do it alone.

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