In a day and age when taxi rides, ordering pizza and instant video messaging are all one tap away, it’s tough to stay competitive behind a web browser. Mobile users still use web browsers for many important functions, but the continual development of mobile app technology is slowly reducing its necessity.  Here are 3 reasons why your website needs to be a mobile app.


Uber. Snapchat. Facebook Messenger. Instagram. These giants have excelled at delivering convenience to their users. This is because apps provide instant access to information. Here’s one point to think about; why would someone take 3 steps when they can simply take 1? The 3 steps with mobile browser access are: opening a browser, entering log-in information and tapping “log-in.” This lengthy process can be shortened to just one tap on the home screen. Consumers prefer this method because people naturally look for whatever is quickest and easiest – even if that means switching to another service that provides a mobile app over one that doesn’t. This is why so many people seek the help of mobile application developers.

Straight to the Source

One of the easiest ways to receive updates is through push notifications. There is no easier way to get an instant notification today, and it is only possible through a mobile app. The only other way a business can notify you is to make a phone call, send a text or send an email – all of which are no longer the primary means of receiving updates. It is possible to lose business using these methods, if not treated with care and caution. However, push notifications can allow users to stay updated on their terms without feeling as intruded.

Instant Access, Online or Offline

There are many situations when users will attempt to access their information offline. Hypothetically, let’s say someone has used too much data this month and the internet isn’t as effective at the moment. Many mobile apps can be accessed and used without any internet, like saved emails, previously uploaded snaps on Snapchat, and more. However, it will become very difficult to access a mobile site in the same circumstance. Accessing information without internet connectivity is reserved for dire situations, but your app users will be very grateful if the need for offline information access arises.

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