More and more businesses are coming to recognize the value of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). A business unit involving both Staffing and Project Management, BPO services not only connect talented job-seekers to employers aiming for quick results, BPO engagement teams make sure that their placements elicit real results. A blend of an Affirma BPO Point of Contact, a team lead and their recruited staff make up a BPO team. Affirma’s BPO engagement team strategically partners with clients to help manage and evaluate daily operations and look for ways to increase productivity.

BPO extends beyond tech projects. It aims to solve a multitude of business challenges, tech related or not. If you are looking to speed up customer service response time, fix software bugs bogging down processing time or manage projects of any size, BPO groups can do everything from higher level technical work to time-intensive processing tasks like accounting, HR, payroll management etc.

Why Outsource with BPO?

1.       BPO teams handle the onboarding and screening processes associated with hiring new employees which can often take weeks to finalize.

2.       BPO leaders work together with a project lead and together they recruit, manage operations and ensure success for you.

3.       Since Affirma has had exposure to a variety of industries across the country, we can look at challenges from a unique and well-rounded perspective.

4.       Third party staffing makes scaling seasonal work much easier for your company. Often staffing cuts or additions are required due to a change in seasonal labor demand, a task which BPO members manage.

Affirma has been aiding Xbox Customer Support (XCS) for several years via BPO outsourcing. Flooded with thousands of customer support requests per day through multiple digital platforms, Xbox Customer Support needed to find a way to increase response efficiency. After taking ownership of the XCS twitter account with an agreed upon SLA with Microsoft, Affirma’s established BPO engagement team familiarized themselves with the existing XCS process and made recommendations to fast-track response time. Xbox Customer Support’s Twitter account set the Guinness world record as “Most Responsive Brand” on social media with the support of Affirma’s managed help.

While aiming to deliver the best Tech Consulting available, Affirma is truly a full service consultancy, making BPO services not only a possibility but an opportunity.

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