Your landing page design is a top priority if you want to convert your customers quickly and keep them for the long haul. There are a few different elements to help you create this captivating landing page. The goal of this landing page is to entice customers to convert from the landing page alone and that means we’ve got to make a great one with lots of detail, but not in an overwhelming way. Psychology and intuition play an important part in creating a great design that resonates with your customers.

Every company’s landing page design will be different and unique to their product or service offering but there are key elements that every high-converting landing page has. Check out our top 10 elements to include on your landing pages below and start converting more customers today.

#1: Your Value Prop

What service or product is it that you provide that your visitor needs? This is going to be front and center as soon as they get to your landing page. Customers need to know who you are and what you do as soon as their eyes see the page. We are hit with so many ads and so much information in today’s technological age that you need an intelligent and snappy headline to grab their attention and keep it. You need to use as few words as possible to convey the value you bring and convince the customer that it’ll make the difference in their life that they’ve been looking for.

#2: Persuasion

A landing page design is a great persuasion tool. You have to use it to make the argument that your product is right for the visitor and show them why they’d be making the right decision if they chose you and your company. You can do this by outlining the problem they have that your company solves. Use empathy here and dig into the reason your company exists. That passion will create the real persuasion and the reason a user would choose you over the competition.

#3: Strong Visuals

Because our visitors these days have a short attention span, you need a visually appealing landing page design that will catch their attention and keep it. You can use images that elicit emotion, like a cute animal, or a picture of nature, or an animated person or object. When people feel emotionally connected to visuals, they’re more likely to stick around and see what else is there.

#4: Your Features and Benefits

Your product is full of features and benefits that will help your customer. Describe succinctly what your product will do for the visitor and how you’ll fill some sort of need for them. You want to keep it quick and light but give the big picture details of how you can make their life better. You don’t have to do this part alone. You can work with a professional team of writers, like the content team at Affirma, that can write your website content and make it short, sweet, and appealing to help you with higher conversions.

#5: Social Proof

Social proof is when we see that someone else loves a company or product. Your visitors will love to see that other people are enthusiastic and trust your product. If you can get real reviews on your landing page, this injects confidence and trustworthiness into new visitors to the page and can persuade them to sign up. We are social by nature, and we trust what other people have to say about companies.

#6: An Intriguing Call to Action

This button is important. This button will make the user feel a sense of urgency or it will answer a question. The call to action will tell the customer what they need to do. Instead of “Sign Up Now”, it could say “Start Saving Now” or any phrase that corresponds to what your company does to help the consumer.

#7: A Compelling Headline

The headline needs to be a snapshot of your product that entices users to want to learn more. It has to be short and snappy, but most of all, it needs to be clear. It needs to let the customer know immediately why they’re here on this landing page and why it’s worth their time to stay.

#8: Succinct Copy

Keep it simple. Users don’t want to be overloaded with a heavy amount of words. Make sure there is plenty of white space on the page and only use words that are absolutely necessary. Nobody wants to read a book about a product; they want quick bullet points that they can easily skim but are strong enough to convince them to buy.

#9: A Capitvating Writing Style

Make sure your tone matches your brand and use inclusive words to make your visitor feel like your product is there for them. Instead of using “you”, use “we” where applicable. If your brand is more of a conversational tone, make sure your landing page matches that tone. You want to engage the reader and make reading your landing page a good time rather than a snooze fest.

#10: Appealing Formatting

This goes along with the amount of copy. The formatting has to be appealing to look at and easy to read. This means using bullet points rather than harsh blocks of text. Add pictures to break up chunks of text and make the format easier to look at.

Get Started

You can immediately put these tips to use to create a great landing page design, or you can work with a team of professionals to help you!

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