Americans are increasingly looking to their phones to consume information, make purchases, and find entertainment. The average American now spends over two hours a day on their mobile phones, with some checking it as often as once an hour. Americans also now spend more time looking at their phones, than they do looking at their televisions. And if your business is not existing within this mobile world, you’re missing out on an ocean of opportunities.

Mobile Apps Can Build your Online Presence

Mobile apps will help you build your online presence and footprint. Much of your customer’s behavior and attention takes place in the mobile app world now.

Quite simply, if you don’t exist in the mobile world, you don’t exist in your customer’s world.

Thus, it is imperative that your business have its own mobile app. Being mobile gives your business visibility and a space to grow your brand. It also allows you to communicate with your customers directly. Information on products, prices, and services can be broadcast through a mobile app. All of this helps to keep customers informed and most importantly, engaged, with your business.

Mobile Apps Will Make Your Business More Accessible

Mobile apps also allow customers to communicate directly with your business. Customer feedback is a great way for a business to understand the needs of its client base. Unfortunately, too many businesses do not make use of the opportunities that customer feedback can bring. Instead of focusing on their customer’s needs, barriers arise between the customer’s needs and businesses’ decision-making. One of the barriers between customer feedback and a business’s decision-making is accessibility. If customers feel that a business is inaccessible, they won’t make the effort to reach them. And so instead, it is businesses that need to make the effort to reach their customers.

Few customers want to go through the trouble of calling a service representative or sending a full email when they can send a text or leave a message with a few taps of their finger. It is this ease of access that a mobile app can bring to your business.

Where Can your Business Go for Help?

Where can a business turn after it does decide to build a mobile app? Or where can they go if they have an existing app that needs redesigning? Do they have to create their own team of mobile developers? No. Businesses looking to enter the mobile world have a wealth of different options.

One of which is mobile development consultant. Development consultants can build, operate and implement mobile apps for a business that does not possess its own team of developers.

Mobile Development Through Affirma

Affirma Consulting is a full-service technology consulting firm that can handle all of your mobile development needs. This includes the creation, implementing, operating, and deployment of your business’s mobile apps. Affirma’s mobile development consultants will assess your business’s needs to determine the best mobile application for your business. After determining the best solution for the situation, Affirma will complete all the necessary tasks of the project.

Need Help Developing a Mobile App?

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