Why Your Relationships Are More Important Than Ever

The world is like we have never seen it before. People are staying in their homes unless completely essential, staying six feet apart from others, and wearing masks whenever they go out in public. With this, we are also being introduced to a different interpersonal world. People are working from home, having virtual happy hours, live streaming concerts from an artist’s living room, and coming up with new inventive ways to stay sane during quarantine. There is a crisis going on in our world right now, but we are also seeing a new sense of unity and togetherness at the same time. Now is the time to come together and either build new relationships or nurture those that you already have.

People’s Lives Are Changing

This pandemic is affecting everyone in different ways, so it is important to check in with people, whether it be friends, family, work colleagues, or strangers. You never know what someone may be going through. Maybe you know someone who got laid off because of the downfall in the economy. Or someone who is dealing with a family hardship. Or maybe someone you know is stressed and worried about trying to work and teach their children simultaneously. We are all struggling in some way due to the current environment. While these devasting issues are out of our control for most of us, we can still reach out to each other and offer support. A phone call or a teams meeting may seem like such a small thing, but any form of human connection right now helps.

Someone Can Provide A Helping Hand

With everyone dealing with different stressors and hardships right now, it has been so powerful seeing so many people looking for ways they can help. I have seen countless people volunteer to run errands for those who can’t, and that is just the start of it. Even establishments and companies are doing their part- I’m sure you have noticed that some grocery stores are having specific hours where people at risk can come shop in a safe environment. Along with that, certain companies are offering free trials for their products. We are also seeing landlords, insurance agencies, and other billing agencies do their part and either offer discounts or pause payment plans for those that need it.

Great Time For Networking

Bored at home these days? Break up your day by meeting someone new! Now is a great time to enhance and grow your professional network if you have extra time to do so. So, hit up a past client you haven’t worked with in a while, say yes to that person that’s been trying to meet with you, or check out online networking events, panels, and webinars. You never know what could come out of this, and you could even find a new opportunity, colleague, or friend in the process!

Lastly… Don’t Forget About Self Reflection

Don’t forget to check in with yourself, be mindful of how you’re feeling, and do what makes you happy. Now is a great time to do some self-care with your extra free time. So, whatever it may be that makes you feel better, go for it! Get started on that reading list you’ve had, take a bubble bath, go on a walk, start that home improvement project, and whatever else you don’t always get to do in normal life. One saying that I have been seeing recently that has stuck out to me is, in a rush to get back to normal, take the time to think about who and what is worth rushing back to. Nurture and hold on to the things and people that bring you happiness.

We are doing our part here at Affirma to be a helpful and empathetic resource to our clients right now and are happy to help in any way we can! To learn more about how we can help your company, feel free to reach out to me at djeude@affirma.com, I’m happy to answer any questions, provide any information, or just be there to chat and meet someone new if that’s what you’re looking for!

Stay mindful, stay healthy, and stay friendly! 😊

Delaney Jeude is an Account Executive at Affirma.

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