Why Customize My Software?

The most obvious benefit of custom software development is that the software of your business will be customized entirely to cater to your specific needs. Much like a tailored suit fits an individual body better than one off the shelf, customized software is contoured to fit your business’s unique processes and operations. This means that your software will run exactly the way that you want it to. For businesses with more unique needs that are unsupported by off-the-shelf software, custom software is especially beneficial.

Construction firms, healthcare centers, and small businesses that address smaller niche markets are all businesses that have benefited greatly from customized software. Whether it’s designing a system to better hold patient data, expanding an app’s function to help measure floor tiles, or calculating the best route for dog walkers; customized software can help a firm’s technology work in tandem with the company’s goals.

Will Custom Software be too Expensive for my Business?

The first question many decision-makers ask when faced with opportunities to customize their software is how much? The very word customization can bring to mind images of expensive bespoke suits, or highly specialized systems. For many businesses who lack their own internal developers, customized software may view customized software as inaccessible and unnecessary.

Custom software development does not have to be expensive, however, and is much more accessible than many businesses might expect. Businesses can even invest in custom software without creating their own team of developers, and in many cases, custom software can be less expensive than similar off-the-shelf products.

What Happens to my Current System?

For businesses that would like to improve their systems, custom development allows for software that follows the business’s goals. Too often businesses find themselves trapped by off-the-shelf software that instead forces the business to cater to the software’s goals. Custom software allows a business to develop systems that are totally independent of other companies or developers.

Businesses also need not worry that their systems will need to be entirely replaced. Developers can use a legacy system’s existing code to craft a new system that improves upon older systems.
Custom software development can also help businesses that have multiple systems and platforms that do not interact. By creating software that helps multiple platforms communicate, custom software allows for more seamless communication across the organization.

Avoid Heavy Licensing Costs

Paradoxically, custom software can often be less expensive than software purchased off the shelf. Software that appears cheap off the shelf, can lead to soaring development costs when future licensing and modification fees are accounted for.

Maintenance costs are also substantially lower under a custom system than for off-the-shelf systems. Because outside developers create off-the-shelf software, even the slightest change or update impacts your business’s operations. With custom software, your software will only change when you want it to.

Is a Hybrid System Right for Me?

Hybrid software systems are another option for businesses. Custom software consultants can develop custom software that works in tandem with either existing software, or software purchased off the shelf. Hybrid systems offer great flexibility by using existing technology while still allowing for significant customization. Using a hybrid system is a great way to manage costs while still addressing all the needs of your business.

Which is the Right Fit for My Business?

First, examine your business’s processes and operations. Are there any points that are not supported by your current technology, but should be? Are there any aspects of your current software or platforms that you’d like to expand, but cannot find the right software to do it?

In many cases, the best method is simply to ask. At Affirma, custom software consultants can give you a free consultation that assesses your needs and recommend their best solutions.

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