One of Affirma’s highly specialized services, Dynamics CRM Consulting, can now offer you an even wider array of business solutions following the news that Microsoft will soon launch Dynamics 365.

Originally, Dynamics CRM was created as a software program that enabled companies to analyze and take action on customer relationship info. As long as Dynamics CRM has been in existence, it has solely dealt with customer information. But any successful business knows that customer relationship management is only half of the equation; the other half centers around internal data and systems management. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software programs deal with internal touchpoints, ranging from employee information and production processes to finances and reporting. Most successful companies employ a healthy balance of both CRM and ERP.

The problem that many companies face, however, is when there is a divide between their CRM and ERP software programs. Say, for example, that E2 is your company’s ERP program and Dynamics is your CRM program. Often times these different programs will pull data from different sources which don’t always align with one another. What is the solution?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

In one user-friendly interface, Dynamics 365 pools services from Dynamics CRM, the Dynamics AX ERP suite and “Project Madeira” (a financial business tool) which enables users to access all features in one place. After successfully partnering with and helping many companies use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Affirma’s experts are uniquely positioned to integrate Dynamics 365 – once it is released this fall – to give your existing business systems a jolt of adrenaline.

Aside from the obvious benefit of having internal and external information sharing on one data cloud, using Dynamics 365 effectively eliminates the need to pay for two separate software programs – saving both time and money.

Affirma has expertise integrating CRM and ERP applications to streamline communication between sales, marketing and operations teams. Whichever software program best suits your company’s needs, whether it’s Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, or Dynamics 365, we are confident we can deliver actionable business solutions.

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