Sitefinity and Umbraco are essential front runners in content management system (CMS) technology. A CMS supports editing and publishing of digital content for the creation of web pages or publishing for team collaboration projects. Recent technology advancement is making it easier to create a website and manage it using plug-ins and extensions without as much technical training. For this reason, people are relying more heavily on the right software to guide their business. This is a short guide that will compare the major factors of Sitefinity and Umbraco, two .Net based systems.

One of the most important points of comparison is cost, and converting from Euros, a starter Umbraco license is about $30 per domain while the professional version costs around $500. The problem with this up-front cost is that it doesn’t reflect the complexity of using Umbraco, which is not a drag-and-drop interface like Sitefinity. A feature called Umbraco Forms simplifies the amount of coding that needs to be entered to create a website and can be purchased with tech support as a package for just under $400 a month or individually for around $110 per domain, both converting from Euros. Sitefinity, on the other hand, starts at $499 for the Standard Editions with the option of adding a yearly license for $899, which includes an unlimited number of sub-domains for non-production purposes. This price includes more than 300 features and 24-hour customer service support on a drag-and-drop interface.

When Umbraco May Be More Beneficial

If your company has a simple project or a team of website developers that seek to customize your website for specific purposes, you may consider using Umbraco. If your requirements are complex, it becomes difficult to justify the number of paid add-ons to match Sitefinity Standard. In the long-run, Umbraco can become significantly more expensive than Sitefinity, either with the amount of developers you may need or the number of add-ons and support.

When Sitefinity May Be More Beneficial

Sitefinity is great for companies with more complex projects, like multiple server environments, for example. Sitefinity can also integrate with programs like, Salesforce, Marketo and Sharepoint without hefty fees. The editing interface of Sitefinity is very clear and the drag and drop functionality has useful prompts to help non-technical people use the system with ease.

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