Is Single Sign-On Right for your Business?

Businesses increasingly rely on multiple usernames and passwords for their employees to access their accounts. It is common for many employees to enter three to four different passwords in a single day. For many people, memorizing so many different passwords and username combinations is a draining task. Furthermore, a single slip-up can cause accounts to lock, reducing productivity as employees and respective IT departments scramble to solve issues. Not only do multiple passwords cause mental fatigue among workers, but they can also cause employees to employ insecure methods of remembering passwords. Employees who write down passwords either by hand or in a digital document; put their business’s internal systems at risk. A potential solution to this slog of passwords is single sign-on (SSO) system.

How SSO Can Help Your Business

The potential benefits of an SSO system are obvious. SSO systems synchronize all of the accounts and operations of an organization and then grant access to all accounts by entering a single password or authentication code. Users who only have to remember a single user name and password save time and mental energy on username and password recalls. Businesses also save money as directory management and integration costs are decreased. SSO programs that integrate directories across different applications, save on the expensive maintenance costs related to directory hardware and software. SSO systems can also free up time in IT departments as password recall requests decrease.

Is SSO the Right Fit for Your Business?

It is, however, unhelpful to think of SSO systems as an operating panacea. SSO systems can carry risks for organizations that choose to implement them. Because SSO systems carry all of an employee’s data in a single sign-on, compromising a single password exposes all of a user’s data. This can also lead to significant loss of productivity as IT departments investigate the system after a compromise. Not to mention that under an SSO system, if a user loses one password they are unable to access any part of the central system. Clearly, the needs of any business must be thoroughly accessed before SSO systems can be introduced.

How Affirma Can Help

As a full-service technology consulting firm, Affirma has the experience and expertise to assess your information integration needs. Part of this assessment can include advice and consultations on using an SSO system. If an SSO system best fits your business’s needs, Affirma’s consultants can also help in its implementation.  Above all else, Affirma’s consultants will give you a knowledgeable assessment that will help you make the best decision for your business.

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