What is Automated Content?

Automated content is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that learns and performs the repetitive tasks involved in creating content, so marketers don’t have to. These tasks include posting to social media, helping with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), checking for grammatical accuracy, or doing other tasks that are easy to do but take up valuable time. The goal is to save time and money on the redundant tasks that can be done by a computer and allow marketers to spend their time writing unique, quality content to grow their audience.

Some AI tools can use Natural Language Processing to create content for websites and blogs. This is done by entering specific keywords into a Machine Learning (ML) program where the bot will research articles of the same topics and generate material, however, a bot could never replace the creativity of a human. With customers expecting brands to produce more content, some marketers are opting for automation.

What Content Tasks Can Be Automated?

Say goodbye to the tedious tasks like:

  • Proofreading content for grammatical mistakes, like Grammarly
  • Searching for published content and sending emails to customers or leads
  • Posting and sharing content on social media platforms
  • Optimizing content for search engines
  • Translating content to a different language

Generating Topics to Write About

AI tools can identify topics by understanding what audiences are currently searching for and by seeing if there’s existing content that answers those searches. It can give you the topics that have the most potential.

Generating Content

While a bot can come up with a blog post, email, or social media post, it can’t hit the emotional intricacies and tones that a human can. But it can produce steady, daily content.


AI can check a human’s written article to point out grammatical errors, syntax, and even better word choices. A well-known platform that does this is Grammarly.

Personalizing Content

There are AI tools that can trace a buyer’s journey and present content to them that will persuade them to buy. Using their history, AI will predict content the consumer will likely read and present it to them.

Why Should I Use Automated Content?

Automated content can convert if it’s used right. People are always searching for answers, and automated content can solve that for them. Here are the perks:

It Saves Time

Digital marketers should be posting content at least once a day, and that’s time-consuming. We know how difficult it is to spread our time out to every task that needs to get done daily, and that’s why automated content can help. It can be set up to create and publish content daily, freeing up digital marketers to do any other tasks they need to do.

It Expands Your Reach

Consistent content creation allows you to get closer to your existing audience and grow to new audiences. Posting at least once a day allows you to cover more topics, get in front of your audience with more content to choose from, and increase your exposure and reach.

Give More Answers

People are always asking questions and searching for answers. You expand your reach and grow your business if you’re the one giving the audience these answers.

The best use case for automated content, though, is the little tasks that are repetitive, easy, and don’t require creativity. Though a bot can create content that is good enough, it can’t connect to emotions and creativity the way a human can. This means it’s best to use automation for sending emails to leads, posting to social media, and monitoring and analyzing reader engagement.

What are the Best Programs for Automated Content?

There are plenty of different programs that help you with automated content.


Quark allows you to deliver content that is consistent in style through the entire process from creation to publication and analyzing. Quark creates a template that can be used over and over, allowing your content to remain consistent and easy to plan. Quark highlights its use in investment research, asset management, policies and procedures, datasheets, technical documentation, product labels, and regulations, standards, and codes.


DivvyHQ believes content should be human-first but streamlines the repetitive procedural tasks and eliminates the tedious processes that slow teams down. DivvyHQ automates production workflows, content calendars, content, and social publishing, automated reporting, and notification and reminders. The product boasts being simple, but effective.


PathFactory creates micro-personalized content journeys for your audience in real-time based on the content they have viewed historically. PathFactory provides clear engagement signals to identify sales-ready buyers and lets you know which content and channels are working based on the consumption of the content.


Uberflip drives growth by personalizing content experiences. It allows you to centralize content, organize content, personalize experiences, distribute content, and generate results.

Automated Content Streamlines Content Marketing

Automated content adds stability and predictability to your content marketing, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere. With features like producing written content, sharing content on social media platforms, and gathering research and emailing clients, automated content allows you to do more without sacrificing your time to the redundant tasks. Automated content can target your audience and bring conversion rates up, increasing your ROI.

What are the Downfalls?

Proceed with caution. Though these tools can make small tasks easier, it’s still not quite possible for an AI tool to write engaging, high-ranking content without the human touch.

Moving Forward with Automated Content

Now that you know what content automation is, you can start implementing it in your marketing strategy. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Identify the processes that you know can be automated within your current marketing pipeline.
  2. Check out all the different automated content programs for yourself. Choose the one that will work best for you and your.
  3. Get help from marketing experts at Affirma that know how to help you start your automated content journey and scale faster.

Remember that content automation isn’t something you can set and then forget about. Automations still need to be checked as processes change internally.

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