Affirma Rated as Best Enterprise Web Designer

Affirma was named the best enterprise web design company by Best Web Design Agencies, an independent evaluator of web design agencies. They ranked Affirma first, out of 10 total companies. Best Web Design Agencies also gave Affirma an overall score of 100% (out of 100).

How They Were Graded

Best Web Design Agencies grades their companies based upon the firm’s services, and how well the firms deliver their services. This includes analyzing the firm’s past projects and also reaching out and contacting past clients. They also take care to factor in how well a firm communicates with its clients. If a firm failed to notify their clients about delays to deadlines or surpassing budgets, they received lower scores. Best Web Design Agencies distilled these ideas into five overall categories. Those categories were project analysis, design analysis, design quality, stock quality, and ease of access.

Affirma in Action

Affirma showcased this award-winning web design in a recent project with Tree Top. Tree Top is a fruit processing cooperative based in Washington state. Tree Top needed to redesign their website to coincide with a promotional release. Although Tree Top’s website had a custom-built content management system that ran off of bootstrap, Affirma’s web designers managed to keep Tree Top’s website fully responsive. Affirma’s team created four breakpoints, allowing for clients to view the page on mobile, tablet, and two different desktop sizes.

How Affirma Can Help your Business

At Affirma, our web design consultants have experience in handling all of your web design needs. Affirma is built on customer satisfaction. Every member of our organization has a passion for customer satisfaction. From the CEO and the executives, to project managers and account managers, the largest metric that we judge ourselves by is our ability to give exceptional customer service.

And it shows. Since 2014, we’ve had a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

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