Affirma Consulting and Nintex, have agreed upon a strategic partnership centered on combining industry-leading workflow and content automation with high-quality customer-driven solutions.

Nintex, with its industry-leading workflow and content automation (WCA) technology, empowers professionals across business and IT departments to quickly turn inefficient manual processes into automated well-run engines. Nintex Workflow Cloud™, the company’s cloud platform, connects with all content repositories, systems of record, and people to consistently fuel successful business outcomes. The platform delivers visibility and intelligence to take control of current and future workflow challenges and opportunities.

Alyssa Slocum, an Account Executive at Affirma Consulting, explains exactly how Nintex’s services benefit users. “Nintex is a well-known and industry-respected workflow automation platform. Nintex’s toolset offers unmatched scalability to partners and clients allowing progression within SharePoint that ultimately reaches their entire business. In addition to its SharePoint offering, Nintex has a proprietary workflow engine built-in, Microsoft Azure, making Nintex not only the future of SharePoint, but it also allows clients to start and continue workflows anywhere business takes them”

The new partnership is the result of diligent and thorough vetting. One common bond between the two technology firms is a central focus on the customer experience. Slocum mentioned how that customer-driven approach supports the new partnership. “At Affirma, customer satisfaction always comes first, so selectivity with our partnerships is very important. Affirma is excited to officially add Nintex to our partnership suite because ultimately our client’s technology initiatives will only be further enhanced with this offering. Our SharePoint Architects are certified in implementation of the Nintex automation platform and Affirma’s partnership with Nintex will help our customers across the nation.”

The partnership will complement Affirma and Nintex’s roles as technology service firms. Nintex works to provide better efficiency, consistency and affordability to their clients through business process automation. Affirma Consulting is a full-service technology firm that specializes in delivering measurable results to its clients.

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