Businesses today must be more customer-oriented if they want to outperform their competition. To do that, you need to ensure all functional areas of your organization are connected to your customer intelligence. And while we have seen an influx of our clients seeking to centralize their data and integrate their departments and teams; we have noticed they are missing one critical step– using their CRM across all departments, not just sales.

If you want your customer experiences to drastically improve and be better than your competition, you need to ensure your CRM tools are harnessed and deployed effectively across your entire organization. Some companies might be missing out on opportunities to maximize their CRM investments, so we have highlighted 4 easy ways to use it across your organization.

CRM as a Marketing Tool

Understanding who your customers are and which ones have the greatest value is precious data that marketers can get from CRM. Your CRM platform provides insight into your customer’s needs, giving you the ability to cater to individual solutions to the right customer. Using your CRM as a marketing tool is extremely valuable when connecting prospects to your product or service, allowing for tailored campaigns, increasing customer satisfaction, and growing revenue.

CRM as a Communication Channel

CRM can help you stay connected to offer promotions and news. One way this can be accomplished is to have newsletter subscribers. Your CRM can identify individual needs and connect them with your services and promotions. This way, you can stay connected with your customers and tailor your services to suit their needs.

CRM as a Customer Experience Tool

Customer retention can be drastically improved by allowing customers to solve problems and access valuable content without picking up the phone. Creating digital experiences for your customers, such as self-service portals, allows them to access relevant information and inspire interaction with your brand. Portals can reduce the burden on customer service teams, add new channels to generate revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. Functionality such as account management and paying bills without the help of a customer service representative is critical.

CRM as a Project Management Tool

Your CRM is great for helping your teamwork together. Using customer intelligence, you can add files and notes to projects, schedule tasks, and assign roles for your team. Additionally, things like milestones can be created to help specify target dates for each task in a project. These tools are useful for reducing the amount of meeting time to maximize team efficiency.

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