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Affirma specializes in helping businesses modernize their workplaces to evolve with the growing need for seamless digital resources, with various services to fill any critical business gap.

After COVID-19 struck the globe in 2020, businesses needed to quickly adapt their strategy to meet their employees, partners, and stakeholders’ remote needs. Because of our experience as a global company that continuously adapts business strategy for our customers’ needs, we are confident we can help you enhance your digital transformation business strategy.

Our digital strategy team is cloud-savvy, versed in web safety and security, and brings a high level of critical thinking to the table in every digital transformation or strategy-based project at Affirma. After all, technology is in our roots; we must have the required expertise to tackle transformation needs head-first – and we do.

Our digital transformation services help solve your toughest business problems, including:

  • Ineffective data curation and analysis
  • Organizational resistance to change
  • Outdated technology and tools
  • Lack of training or support for newer technology
  • Current services do not align with current customer needs
  • Lack of security

Transform Your Business for the Digital Era

Technology is ever-evolving, and businesses must evolve with it to thrive in today’s modern workplace. We’ve already experienced the critical move into digitization as analog recording methods converted to digital platforms when computers hit the scene. Digital transformation takes it a step further and leverages the potential of modern technology, and in the end, it all comes back to the customer and their experience with your company.

Gone are the days where they come to you – with countless innovations hitting the market by the minute, 21st-century businesses must strategize on a 22nd-century level to give their customers an experience unlike any other. Digital transformation helps create more effective customer service experiences, adds flexibility and flow into the workday, and discover information quicker than ever before.

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Comprehensive Digital Transformation Services

As a creative technology firm with a heavy hand in the marketing, business strategy, and digital fields, we are continuously transforming and adapting to meet market demands, especially on a cloud-based scale.

From change management to development services and all the fine-tuning in-between, our digital strategy team will work with you to add that cutting edge to your business.

Process Automation

We have developed process automation tools specifically to assist with systems integration, digital transformation, and ease of access. Adding process automation tools into your business will add a new level of accuracy and efficiency to your day-to-day.

Learn More About Process Automation

Change Management

With our change management services, we provide innovative tools, resources, and solutions to meet every client’s unique needs. As you take steps to transform your digital strategy, you can rely on Affirma’s high-level change management services to enable and empower your team in adapting to the new digital line of business.

Learn More About Change Management

Data Analytics

Using marketing strategy and data management software, we will help you streamline your company’s data analytics process for high-level effectiveness and efficiency.

Learn More About Data Analytics Consulting

Customer Experience

We can help you transform your business to create the ultimate customer service experience.

Learn More About CX Consulting

IT Security

Affirma has worked in hundreds of industries to deliver expert IT solutions to top companies all over the world. Whether you need managed cloud migration services or a security assessment, we will work with you to ensure your IT systems are company-compliant, and secure from threats and other digital risk

Learn More About Cybersecurity Consulting

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As a global partner with wide industry experience, Affirma is built around customer satisfaction and will do what it takes to exceed your expectations from start to finish. We foster and deepen our relationships with new and long-standing customers even after the project ends because we believe satisfaction and connection is the lifeblood of a sustainable consulting business.

If you’re ready to connect and upgrade your company’s customer experience solutions, we would love to set up a free consultation to discover the possibilities.

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